How to Get German Visa in Nigeria – Latest Requirements

Germany is a very technologically advanced country and one of the nations in the Schengen area. It is strategically placed in the heart of Europe, this makes it a frequently visited country.

Nigerians are constant visitors of Germany, some of the reasons for these visits are for medical treatments, studies and business.

This article contains the basic information needed to successfully apply for a German visa.

Types of Germany Visa

There are various types of German visas, all this exist to meet the needs of various travelers. Below is a list of the available types of German visas.

Schengen Visa

This visa can be used to travel to Germany and other Schengen countries. The Schengen visa does not cover Germany alone, it covers other countries that are part of the Schengen agreement.

Business Visa

If your aim if visiting Germany us business related then you should get a business visa.

Work Visa

This is issued to individuals entering Germany for the purpose of working. Even if you get into Germany using a Schengen visa, you will need to obtain a working visa if you plan on working in Germany.

Airport Transit Visa

The airport transit visa is obtained by individuals travelling through Germany. Due to Germany’s geographical position in the heart of Europe, it us a much visited country by travelers. This therefore makes this visa very important.

Trade Fair/ Exhibition Visa

This is issued visa to people that want to visit Germany for exhibitions.

Internship Visa

This covers visits to Germany for the sake if internship or training. It might also be given for advanced studies.

Guest Scientist Visa

If you will be visiting Germany as a guest scientist, then this is the visa for you.

Medical treatment Visa

Germany is a technologically advanced country. Due to her top notch medical science, lots of people come into Germany for medical treatment. If you are visiting Germany for this purpose, then the ideal visa type for you us the medical treatment visa.

How to Apply for a German Visa in Nigeria

To apply for a German visa, the first step is filling the application form which can be gotten online. It is expedient to be as honest as possible when filling a German visa application form. Ensure all details are filled in capital letter s as writing can sometimes be an issue. Contained in the application letter should be your reason for travelling as well as basic information about you.

It is okay to submit your application for via a mail if you have had a Schengen visa before applying. However, if you have not had a Schengen visa before, your application should be submitted in person.

Documents Required for Getting a German Visa

  • A passport with a validity of 6 months
  • Two copies of passport size photos
  • Proof of hotel booking and copy of return ticket
  • Bank statement showing your financial status for the last 3 months
  • Original copy if birth certificate for minors
  • A consent letter from both parents for minors by travelling alone or with one parent
  • An invitation letter (thus applies to tourists)
  • An employment letter from your employers in Germany. This is for those going to Germany to work.
  • An acceptance letter from your institution of study (for students).
  • A letter of permission from your employer in Nigeria. This should show position held and a statement if monthly salary.
  • A health insurance document.

Estimated Cost of Getting a German Visa

There is no fixed price for getting a German visa. Prices are constantly changing.

To get a visa to Germany, you will have to pay a nonrefundable fee of 60 euros via bank transfer. When making payments, credit cards and cheques are not allowed.

Estimated Time of Processing German Visa

It is best to apply for a German visa 6 weeks before the day you intend to travel. This will help you avoid any delays that might arise in the course if processing your visa.

In the absence of any delays, a German visa can be processes in two weeks.

Estimated Cost of Travelling to Germany

When applying for a German visa, it is important to know the cost of flying to Germany. This will help you have a proper budget prior to getting a visa.

The cost of flying to Germany from Nigeria is dependent in the part of Germany you are travelling to, the airline you are travelling with, cost if aviation fuel and also passenger’s travel class.

Between the months of May and October, lots of events take place in Germany. This usually leads to an increase in the prices of flight tickets. Cheapest flight tickets can be gotten between November and April.

The following are flight prices from Lagos to Major cities in Germany.

Lagos to Berlin                  ₦198,951

Lagos to Frankfurt             ₦200,609

Lagos to Munich                ₦218,183

Booking your flight ticket weeks before flying is the best thing to do when travelling to Germany.

Although the German visa and Schengen visa can perform related functions, they are not the same. They therefore should not be mistaken for each other.

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