How to Get UK Visa in Nigeria – Latest Requirements

Every year, thousands of Nigerians visit the UK . This is usually done because of many different reasons. Some of these reasons include tourism, study, work, business, etc.

If you fall into the group of those interested in travelling to the UK either permanently or temporarily then this article is for you. Contained in this article is the information you need to successfully get a passport to the UK. Although, it is assumed that there are difficulties associated with getting a UK visa, with the right documents and qualifications, getting a visa to go the UK is not so difficult.

Types of UK Visa

To successfully apply for a UK visa, you should know what visa type perfectly suits your reason for travelling. Different visitors to the UK require various visa types. At the moment, there are 5 major types of visa for individuals that are visiting the UK. These visa types are further broken down into smaller categories. Some of these visas include visitors’ visa, work visa, business visitors’ visa, Settlement Visa, study visa and transit Visa.

UK Work Visa

This visa is offered to individuals to work in the UK. This usually happens due to shortage of qualified workers to carry out certain tasks. Due to the stability of the UK economy, there are many different categories of workers that are needed in the UK. Each category of worker requires a different work visa.

The different visas available to workers migrating to the UK are grouped in tiers. They include:

Tier 1 Visa

This is issued to individuals with skills good enough to contribute to the UK economy. Entrepreneurs and investors fall into this category.

Tier 2 Visa

This is issued to skilled workers.

Tier 5 Visa

This tier is issued to applicants that will not be working in the UK for more than 6 months.

UK Study Visa

There are lots of Nigerians from the elite class travelling to the UK to study. This is due to the high standard of education that is obtainable in the UK.

Students going to the UK to study have the option of choosing one of the following visa types:

Tier 4

This is issued to grownups that are interested in having their tertiary education in the UK. It is also issued to children going to the UK for primary and secondary education.

Prospective Students Visa

Students that are yet to make a decision on the institution they want to study in are given this visa. It is for touring prospective institutions.

Student Visitor Visa

This is issued to applicants that want to do a special course in the UK for less than 6 months.

Settlement Visa

This visa is the ideal visa for individuals with family members already resident in the UK. If you intend visiting your partner (married and unmarried), and other family members, you need the settlement visa.

Transit Visa

This is needed by passengers travelling to other countries through the UK. This covers incidence of travel by air, land and sea.

UK Visa Extension

Those already temporarily resident in the UK are eligible to apply for this Visa. This visa legally lengthens your period of stay in the UK.

How to Apply For UK Visa in Nigeria

To apply for a UK visa in Nigeria, you will have to visit Teleperformers. This (Teleperformers) is a UK Visa Application center. It has two offices, one in Lagos and the other in Abuja.

Prior to visiting the UK Visa application center, ensure you fill your visa application form online. After successfully filling your form, you will get an email stating when your interview date, location and needed documents.

At your interview venue, you will be requested to submit your application form and other required documents

Estimated Time for Processing UK Visa

UK visa usually gets processed within four to six working days. There are chances that processing time may be longer in some special cases.

Documents Required for UK Visa

  • A copy of a recent passport sized photo. The photograph should be coloured and a white background should be used
  • An international passport. Ensure this is valid.
  • Visa Fee
  • An invitation letter
  • Copy of perfectly filled application form
  • A photocopy of passport data page
  • A copy of your original bank statement. This will serve as a proof of your financial strength
  • A marriage certificate if any
  • A letter from your sponsor
  • Flight/hotel bookings
  • A copy of applicant’s birth certificate. This is for children that are travelling with their parents

Estimated Amount of Money Needed to Process UK Visa

Submitting an application for a UK visa comes with a no-refundable fee. The fee paid is dependent on the type of visa applied for and the duration of stay.

It is also important to note that there is no stable price for visa fees. Visa fees are subject to constant change. However, the list of fees below should give you an idea of the price range for each visa applied for.

Transit Visa                         $80

Visitors Visa                        $551

Civil partnership Visa        $118

Estimated Cost for Travelling to the UK

If you have made plans to travel to the UK, then you should know the cost. Flying from Nigeria to the UK will definitely have various prices.

Flight price from Nigeria to the UK is dependent on the airline you intend travelling with, cost of fuel and part of the UK you intend travelling to.

Below is a list of flight prices from Nigeria to different parts of the UK.

Lagos to London             ₦271,900

Lagos to Glasgow            ₦264,605

Lagos to Manchester      ₦256,315

Lagos to Birmingham     ₦233, 104

Lagos to Belfast               ₦315, 338

Be sure to verify these prices when you’re ready to travel.

If you are flying from a part of Nigeria other than Lagos, you most likely will not get a direct flight to the UK. That however does not mean you cannot board an airplane from your city or region.

For people flying to the UK from out of Lagos, you can book your flight in any major city in Nigeria. The flight will go through Lagos en route the UK.

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