How To Lose Weight Fast Before Your Big Day

No woman wants to feel ‘fat’  on her big day no matter her size. You want to feel sexy and attractive; loosing some of that extra weight can help you achieve this. Here are a few tips for loosing weight fast before your big day.

#1 Plan


I don’t mean spending hours some boring plan. A piece of paper, a pen and some glue will do. Write your your target weight, and numbers counting down to your big day. Now glue your plan to a place or something in your home you see a lot.  Make sure you update your weight each day beside each count down number.

#2 Think before you eat

Thinking Woman

Make a habit of asking your self these three questions before you eat  1. how much calories does it contain 2. do I really need to eat this much 3. will this food make my body attractive?

#3 Exercise


I know its something you might not want hear but if you want to loose that extra weight fast, you have to adopt an exercise regime. However, I would advise you to adopt a light exercise regime [you don’t want to have cramps on your big day]  like walking, jogging, squats, dancing [you don’t have to be an expert just play your favorite tune and dance away] stretching, or any other light exercise.  Try as much as you can to make it fun so you don’t get tired easily and remember that the more time you spend exercising the higher the chances of you loosing that extra weight. So you should have a target of at least 45 minutes of exercise everyday.

#4 Cut down on junk foods

Junk Food

Instead of trying to cut corners by eating junk foods and drinking a concoction that won’t work why not cut down on your favorite treats or if you can totally abstain. However, if you must eat junk, make out a day to indulge A LITTLE.

#5 Avoid sugary drinks


Try as you can to avoid those “cool” drinks. Not just any cold drink, those sugary or carbonated ones that look attractive when you’re thirsty. Avoid them because they don’t help the fat burning process in you body. In fact it could take you nothing less that 1 solid hours of exercise to burn the calories from one litre of cold sugary drink.

#6 Watch your diet


Don’t go eating tasteless foods all in the name of dieting, moreover doing so would put you off quickly. I would advice making fruits and vegetables a major part of your diet. However, you want to avoid taking too much of high calorie fruits.

#7 Drinks lots of warm liquid


I don’t mean warm ice-cream or coke. I mean lots of water or green tea or pure cocoa. This is an effective way of burning fat especially when taken before exercises. Try it!

CAUTION: Avoid over thinking  your weight loss process or you might get discouraged and always remember beauty is in the mind.

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