How to Make Money Online With Instagram

Since January 2015, over 300 million Instagram users have been sharing over 70 million photos and videos and it’s not surprising that many big brands and personalities are making good buck from their follower count. Some of these people are normal who have been consistent with their postings resulting in good Instagram followership for them.

Anyone who is willing to be interactive, put in extra time and efforts in creating photos and videos for Instagram can start making few hundreds of dollars and more for themselves and this can be achieved by applying certain strategies to it.

Here are ways you can make money from your Instagram account by leveraging on your followership;

Affiliate Marketing

This simply means selling other people’s products for a percentage of the amount made from each sale. This is common among bloggers and website owners who use sidebars and widgets to promote other people’s products. All that is required of you is to sign up as affiliate with different affiliate programs after which you will be given an affiliate link. The link is your unique affiliate link. You can start by posting beautiful pictures of the product on your Instagram page, write a review of the product and include your affiliate link to it either on the picture caption or your bio. Websites you can sign up with include; Sharesale, Ebates, Stylinity . To shorten long affiliate links you can use

Sponsored Posts

This involves getting paid to promote a product using your Instagram page. The whole essence is to leverage on the followership of influencers and big brands to reach more people with a product. You are expected to write a review about the product and also try to convince your engaging followers that such products can be trusted. One must ensure that the products they are promoting best fit their personal brand and image. These posts however are will have links, mentions and hashtags. Websites that can offer you opportunities for sponsored posts include; TapInfluence and Ifluenz.

Sell Your Photos

This is of course will apply to amateur or professional photographers. Since Instagram is mostly for pictures and videos, it is a great platform to showcase and sell your pictures as a photographer. You can use watermarks on your pictures and also use captions to list the details of how much you want to sell your photos. You also need to make sure you are following the right kind of brands and also use hashtags to attract the  right kind of audience and engagements.

Promote Your Business, Products and Services

Instagram like every other social media site is used to promote businesses, products and services. It is in fact very efficient seeing that it can create a good appeal for your products using pictures and videos. You can share behind the scene photos of your products; for instance the process of producing them, wrapping, and any process that was involved in producing them. Also, you can also add the pictures of your customers with your products or you regram (repost) the images they post of your product. To make it more interesting, you can also add a feedback or your interaction with your customer on your products; the satisfaction they received, good prices, fast deliveries and more. This will help promote your business and brand integrity. With Instagram you can also offer gifts and promotions to your customers by requesting a follow, mention, regram or more.

Sell Your Instagram Account

Now if you get to a point where you have worked so hard to build your account and think you can no longer manage it, you can sell your account and move on. Websites that can help you with this are; Fame Swap and Viral Accounts.

Be a Brand Ambassador

If you have managed and worked to create a huge following on Instagram, you can approach businesses and brands who you use their products or they can contact you and you become their brand ambassador. If you are lucky enough become a huge revenue. You can get connected using these platforms; Instabrand, Buzzoole, and Snapfluence.

Use the Right Hashtag

The use of hashtag is what will show the difference between a normal Instagram user or Instagram entrepreneur. Using the correct hashtags helps you to get to the right kind of audience, you create engagement and more people get to see your account and what you have on it. What you are promoting will determine the kind of hashtags to use. You can use these services to have access to the right kind of hashtags; Iconosquare and Websta.

Making money on Instagram can be one of the easiest ways to make money online because it involves pictures and videos and more people are most likely to engage with visual content than texts. If you consistently apply the strategies above rightly, then you will be on your way to making some real bucks.

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