How to Make Money Online With Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms that have garnered over 300 million users since it was launched in 2006. It has array of users who use their accounts either for personal or businesses purposes. The businesses use their accounts to promote their products, share valuable information to followers and potential customers, offer discounts and more. Personal account users however use theirs to promote their careers, personal brands and business and this they do in a number of ways; catchy profile, hashtags, pictures, videos and a lot more.

The unique thing about twitter is that the 140 character limit makes it possible for one to pass a message across to a user without the person complaining that the tweet/post is too long. There are other amazing features that help one to reach their target audience like geolocation, hashtags, pictures, videos, etc.

Now on ways you can leverage your twitter account to make money;

Sponsored Tweets

Many influencers and celebrities with a huge following on twitter use their account and influence to promote brands and products in a single for an agreed amount. Personalities like Kim Kardashian use this to make extra cash for themselves sometimes charging $75 for a character or about $10,000 for a single tweet. Most twitter users might have the same influence like celebrities do, but there are platforms that offer average influencers the opportunity to make money too.

Tweet Peddler

This platform allows you to set a price for your tweets and if an advertiser buys into, you will be able to make some bucks from your 140 characters.

My Likes Social Publisher

This allows users to share campaigns that they like on their pages and they are paid based on likes, views and engagements received.

Paid Per Tweeter

With this you can pitch to advertisers on a particular campaign at a customized price and if they like your niche, you could be accepted into one of their campaigns.


This too similar because it allows you to set price for the campaigns to the advertisers, if they like it you start getting paid for your tweets.

Affiliate Marketing

There are many merchants who offer affiliate programs which involve affiliates getting paid for generating leads and sales using their unique referral links. Affiliate marketing works on twitter but most times it is better you have a website/blog so that you can link back to your site where the product can be seen. Nevertheless, there are such programs on twitter.

Tweet Adder

This is for twitter marketing and management software and affiliates earn 50% commission on direct sales.

ITunes Affiliate

ITunes accounts for large portion of the affiliate marketing that is done twitter. One can sign to this by marketing and selling songs that are found on ITunes for a 4 to 5% commission.

Groupon Affiliate

They are one of the success stories in affiliate marketing. They offer twitter users opportunities to get involved in affiliate marketing. They pay 10% commission on sales generated.

com Affiliate

Astrology is one of the largest merchants on twitter and offer affiliates a 25% commissions for sales generated.

Barter Tweets

This involves exchanging tweets with other users on twitter. This can be done by contacting people that are in need of publicity for their businesses; so while you tweets or recommend their business they also do this in return. By this you can generate leads for your business, website without spending a dime.

Ecommerce Sales

Twitter offers you a feature for writing a short profile about yourself and business. Also you can utilize your tweets to sell your products online either by redirecting customers to your website or you include a picture/video of your products, caption it with your contact details included (number or email).

Drive Traffic

This might not make you money directly on twitter but if you have website where you make money using adverts, banners and affiliates links; twitter is a good platform to drive traffic to it.

Get a Job

Yup, it’s still a way to make money. Twitter offers you the opportunity to stay in touch and connected to quite a number of interesting people who share similar interests. As a very popular platform, more businesses are using it to advertise for jobs, and announce openings and the qualifications they need. In fact @MarkEssien, the founder of sometimes sends out interviews on twitter and if you are connected, that could be a huge opportunity.

Content Ideas

Twitter today has a constant influx of data and all kinds of content and memes as well. With the postings that go out every second, one can get writing ideas especially if you are blogger or content creator.

Many people money from twitter is possible and many people are actually raking some good money by leveraging their influence, engaging rightly by using the various tools of twitter correctly. You can actually join the train of those making some good bucks by following the ideas above.

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