How to Make Shawarma at Home

Shawarma is a popular food among elite especially in academic environment and in major city. It is usually made with beef or chicken filling. Although it is gradually becoming a meal on the Nigerian streets. This is a delicious recipe and could be addictive. Its easy to prepare.

Ingredients for Shawarma

2 deboned Chicken breasts

2 deboned Chicken Thighs

6 Shawarma bread(flour tortilla wraps)

1 small Cabbage(thin strips cut)


3 medium Carrots(grated)

1 big Cucumber (cut into flat circles)


3 medium  Tomatoes (thin strips cut)

1 medium Onion (cut into thin strips)

50ml Vegetable oil

For marinade

1 teaspoon thyme

2 teaspoon curry

1 big chicken stock cube

3 teaspoons minced onions

1 teaspoons minced garlic

100ml of vegetable oil

A teaspoon of black pepper

Chilli pepper


Steps to Preparing Shawarma

Cut the vegetables into cubes or tiny strip after washing it and keep aside. Cut the chicken as well into tiny strips and keep aside.

Carefully place the chicken strips in a bowl, put in the marinade and mix thoroughly for it to mix well enough. After the mixing, cover and keep it in the fridge for about 24 hours. I sometimes don’t wait for 24 hour, I just keep it overnight. I discovered that the longer the marinade is kept, the better the taste.

In a frying pan, heat up the vegetable oil and carefully fry the marinated chicken. Stir and fry til it becomes juicy and brown. Then scoop into a bowl and keep aside. Take out some mayonnaise with ketchup and mix together.

On a clean surface, cut shawarma bread into equal halves if you are using a big pita bread. In case you’re using tortilla wraps or flat bread, just spread the mayonnaise and ketchup mixture on it.

Next is to fill it with the cut vegetables at one end. Ensure to sprinkle it with some chili pepper. Carefully fold the bread and slide into the edge.

Roll it to form the shawarma wrap. If you like it warm, you may use sandwich maker, microwave or simply place in frying pan on heat with the closed edge to face the pan.

Your shawarma is ready and you can take with a cup of tea or fresh juice.

Note: You can change the type of shawarma by simply replacing the filling.

Vegetable Shawarma

Use just vegetables and sweet potatoes for filling.

Beef Shawarma

Replace chicken with well cooked and spiced beef.

Fish Shawarma

Replace chicken with fish. I recommend de-boned sardines.

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