How to Make Tuwo Shinkafa

Tuwo shinkafa is a type of swallow derived from mashed rice. This easy to make delicacy originates from the Northern part of Nigeria. One thing I love about the people in the northern areas of Nigeria is their ability to use their local foods to produce delicacies that are consumed by people of all classes.

Tuwo is a major swallow food eaten in the northern Nigeria.  Tuwo shinkafa is as prominent in the northern Nigeria the same way Amala is in the south western Nigeria. It’s made out of a short grained rice grown locally. It is popularly called Tuwo rice.

This rice is preferred because Tuwo rice gets soft in the shortest possible time and that makes it very easy to mash. It can be enjoyed with soups like Miyan wake, Miyan kuka, Miyan taushe, e.t.c. Time taken to prepare it should not be more than 50 minutes.

Ingredients for Tuwo

3 Cups rice (Tuwo rice)

6 liters of Water

Other Materials

Pestle for mashing the rice

Transparent wrapping nylons

Tuwo Preparation Steps

Pour the rice into water and wash carefully. Pour the washed rice into a pot. Pour enough water that is capable of cooking the rice till it gets very soft.

Test out the softness of the rice to ascertain the degree of softness by mashing them between with your fingers. If you notice it isn’t soft enough (very easy to mash), pour more water and boil till it becomes soft enough. Let the water dry up as well.

With a pestle, pound the rice in the pot. After mashing the rice in the pot, scoop the mashed rice into transparent wrapping nylons and carefully wrap to avoid the scooped mashed rice from drying up as well as to preserve it’s freshness.

Once it is well wrapped, your Tuwo shinkafa is ready for consumption. Serve with any of the soup in the northern part of Nigeria such as miyan kuka , Miyan taushe, miyan wake e.t.c

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