How to Open a US Account Online

The first question that could pop into your mind on sighting that headline might be ‘is it possible?’ Well, yes it is! And it’s legal too. No back-links, no masking of IP address, no payment before or after and you get a MasterCard which you can use to withdraw money from Nigerian ATMs.

Why open a US account online?

  • It’s a secure way of receiving payment from the US for services you render
  • Funds can be withdrawn over the ATM in Nigeria
  • Funds can be transferred to your local bank account easy
  • Can be used to easily purchase products from the United States

What you’ll need to open a US account online

  • National ID card, Drivers license or voters card
  • Address with postal code and zip code

How to open a US account from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone

  • With the above requirements intact, you can now log on to
  • Click on the sign up option
  • Ensure you continue as a non-US resident (*important)
  • Fill out the form you are presented with correctly (remember you are opening a bank account so any false information you provide could have fatal consequences)
  • Click on sign up to finish registration.

If you did everything correctly you should receive a confirmation email and a time frame within which your master card will be sent to your address.

Payoneer Mastercard

That’s it! Your online US account is up and running. Cheers!

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