How To Prepare Abacha aka African Salad

Abacha is a traditional meal that originates from the eastern part of Nigeria.  Abacha is prepared from boiled shreaded cassava which is soaked overnight in cold water, washed and spread out in the sun to dry.

Due to its look, this palatable dish has been given the nickname African salad. It is usually served at special eastern Nigeria occasions with palm wine.

Ingredients for Making Abacha

1 cup of Palm oil

4 pieces Fresh fish (fried)

2 stock Seasoning

1 teaspoon ground Calabash Nutmeg

Dry Pepper

4 Garden eggs

Locust beans

1 tsp. potash or I tablespoon edible ash

3 Utazi leaves (Gongronema latifolium)

Garden egg leaves

Pomo (cow skin)

2 large Red Onions

5 Cups of Abacha

1 wrap Ugba (Ukpaka)

Steps for Making Abacha

Soak the Abacha in a bowl of warm water for about 10 minutes, then drain (If you want the Abacha softer, you can leave it in water for a few more minutes.)

Chop the vegetables, dice one of the onions and cut the other one into rings.

Dissolve the potash in a cup of warm water and pour your palm oil and the potash mixture in a pot, making sure you don’t pour in the potash -residue along with it. Stir consistently till the palm oil and potash mixture turns into a yellow paste.

Add the ground nutmeg, seasoning, ground pepper, diced onions, crayfish and ugba then stir very well till the mixture is well blended together.

You can now add the locust beans and diced kpomo and stir together. The final step is to gently add your soaked Abacha into the mixture. Make sure everything is well mixed together. Then you are done.

Some people prefer to take their Abacha warm. If you are one of them you can heat it up a little before dishing.

Garnish with the sliced Utazi leaves, Garden egg leaves, Onion rings, Fish and Garden eggs. It is important to note that the utazi leaves have a kind of bitter taste, so it should be used sparingly.

Image Source: ViviansBlog

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