How To Prepare Afang Soup

Afang is made with Ukazi leaves mixed with Spinach or water leaf. This is another rich soup that originated from the Akwa Ibom and Calabar region. Afang soup is a rich source of vitamins with loaded essential and non- essential amino acids. It also has anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The following steps will guide you in preparing Afang soup the way people of Akwa Ibom state prepare it.

Ingredients for Afang Soup

Ukazi leaf


Smoked Turkey (meat)

Oxtail (meat)

Dry Stockfish

Smoked Fish



Dry, Ground Crayfish

Bell Pepper

Palm oil


Bouillon cubes

Directions for Cooking Afang Soup

Wash, drain and slice the Water leaves and Afang leaves. The sliced Afang leaves should be ground with mortar and pestle.

In a separate bowl, wash and dice onions and some pepper.

Place the washed meats on low heat and cook with salt, pepper, maggi or any desired soup spice until tender.

After the meat is soft, add the washed stock fish and cook for about two minutes. Ensure you have enough stock water.

Add palm oil and allow to boil for another two minutes or until the oil is well dissolved.

Add the diced water leaves and allow to cook for about 3 minutes. This is the time to add other ingredients like seasoning, crayfish and periwinkle and allow to boil before adding the Afang leaves.

Leave to cook for a few more minutes on low heat. Just make sure that the leaves still look green and do not change colour.

Your Afang soup is ready to be served.

Some people are of the belief that Afang soup has some medicinal properties and has the ability to cure minor ailments like sore throat, common cold, nausea and loss of appetite. Whether you are eating it purely for pleasure or for health reasons, Afang soup is a delight to the taste buds any day.

Image Credit: Akwaibomdakkada

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