How to Shop Amazon eBay and Other US Sites from Nigeria

Some years back I got hooked on a particular author’s books. I had already consumed two series, I wanted more but I couldn’t get it in any Nigerian bookshop, search hard as I did. So I went Online, Amazon had it cheap, $3 used ones and $7 new. I could afford it, but how do I get it back to Nigeria?

Same thing happened with a certain music my father played when I was a child. I wanted the CD, Amazon had it, but how do I get it here. In the end, I didn’t get them, because I didn’t know how to. I still regret that decision till today; you know how much a dollar is to the Naira now.

This article will show you some methods of shopping online and shipping to Nigeria. You’ll be learning how to shop Amazon EBay from Nigerian. You can apply this knowledge while shopping any other US online stores.


Amazon is an online retailer, they sell everything, ranging from music to movies, books, electronics even groceries, and the list is endless. But of course they don’t sell cars neither do they sell real estate. They are an American company and a very reputable one at that. The scams which are so common on Chinese online shopping sites don’t exist on Amazon.


EBay is peer to peer marketing site, you can buy and sell almost anything on eBay. From cars to books to home items, if it can be transported you can almost get it on eBay. It is basically a market for second handed items; therefore, you can get items very cheap.

If I had known any better back when I wanted to get my books and CDs here’s what I would have done!

Ways to Get Your Amazon and eBay Products in Nigeria

There are more than one ways to get your goods shopped online, shipped to Nigeria.

Use a US billing address, if you have someone in the US, you can use the person’s address. And when the goods are delivered the person can ship them to you. Also, if you know someone coming to Nigeria, you can have your package shipped to them and have them bring it to Nigeria for you.

Amazon has also begun shipping to some African countries, Nigeria inclusive. Though not everything can be shipped, majorly books, Music and a few others. Electronics like laptops and sound systems cannot be shipped. You’d have to visit the site to be able to tell all the items which are eligible for shipping to Nigeria. Amazon provides free shipping to Nigeria, on those items, but in most cases you’ll have to spend at least $50.

How to Ship Amazon and eBay Products to Nigeria

Another way to ship products from online US stores is to use trusted parcel forwarding companies. First you need a US mailing address which will be given to you by the parcel company. You register with the address as your receiving address, the parcel forwarding company receives it on your behalf and then they mail it to you, to the door steps of your Nigerian address. Though this will cost you more, but with a reputable company you are sure to get your parcel in Nigeria. You can try companies like Shop To My door and

There are certain Nigerian companies that forward your parcel to you in a unique way. They receive you parcel at your US mailing address, and get a person travelling to Nigeria all these happen in two weeks or less. In fact it is their business model, so you can have their services any time you want. If your parcel is big though, you might have a challenge with the Nigerian Customs.

As you can see, shipping from Amazon EBay and other US sites to Nigeria is not rocket science. As far as you have a credit card or a debit Master Card, you can make purchases online.  As time goes on though we expect that Amazon and EBay will have their Nigerian outlets, we are a big market; this would be advantageous to everyone involved; both the buyer and “buyee”.

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