Husbands of Lagos: An Intriguing TV Series

Everyone wants a perfect relationship but just a few individuals put in an effort to make it perfect. It is necessary for you to know that a perfect relationship can only be achieved when both parties stay committed in it. Husbands of Lagos is a sensational drama series that brings the plot of business, marriage, politics, family, love, and pleasure all at a melting point.

The Storyline of Husbands of Lagos 

It tells a story of friends living in Lagos, and the women caught up in their lives. Here we have Wale the Casanova who is interested in playing around with sophisticated ladies; although in a relationship. Also, we have a newlywed and soon-to-be father, Akinlolu. In this series, we see how his close relationship with his mother created a rift in his marriage.

The Cast of Husbands of Lagos 

Kenneth Okolie, Rich Tanksley, Uche Odoputa, Bolanle Ninalowo, Mary Remmy Njoku, Jennifer Elioghu and Peggy Ovire

Where to Watch Husbands of Lagos 

To watch this mind-blowing soap opera, download the Iroko TV app.

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