I Left PDP With Obasanjo Because It Was Standing Against What It Represents – Tallen

  • Reveals how APC took over power from PDP
  • Reveals the best project for the country.

A chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Pauline Kedem Tallen, has revealed that she left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because the opposition party was no longer standing for its aims and objective stated by the founders.

“The party was no longer standing for what we initially started out with. When we formed the PDP in 1998, it was a combination of various political parties, just like the APC had it when it came into being.

“There was nothing new or strange about my leaving that party; I am someone who believes in service to my nation and my community and you can only do that under a political party as long as they keep to their promise to the Nigerian nation,” she told The Nation in an exclusive interview.

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While stating that some strong members of the party followed her in exiting for the APC because the leadership was not keeping to expectations and things were not going the way they should, she added that it was the same reason former President Olusegun Obasanjo left.

“The leader of the party, the first President that the PDP produced! He left because he saw that things were not going according to what the party was founded on.

Tallen, a former Deputy Governor in Northern Nigeria the main project is the Nigerian project and there will be a sort of silent revolution whenever the leadership fails to meet the yearnings of the masses.

It was a sort of silent revolution that brought Buhari to power; it was not the sole effort of one political party, the opposition or the PDP. Many of us left from the PDP and there were others from the political parties that merged before APC was formed.

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“Why did all these happen? Because we believe in the Nigeria project and we believe it was time for a change and we could see the hands of God in the entire process.

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