IPOB Responds to Nigerian Army – Launches Operation David Dance

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has responded to the Nigerian Army’s operation Python Dance in the South East, by launching its own operation, tagged ‘Operation David dance’.

IPOB had announced via its Directorate of State (DOS), that it had launched Operation David Dance in response to the Army’s Operation Python Dance .

IPOB, however, warned her faithful and other Biafra agitators to strongly avoid anything that could lead to a face-off with the Nigerian army’s Operation Python dance personnel. The DOS of IPOB said it has uncovered a plot by the Nigerian army to murder innocent south-easterners under the camouflage of operation python dance.

In a statement released by IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Mr. Emma Powerful, it read thus:

“We have launched our own “Operation David Dance” which is recognized by God Almighty in the Bible. It was used by King David to dance against Goliath and all his bragging at the battle front.

“We are also aware that the world knows that the annual report from Amnesty International against the cold blooded killing of unarmed members of IPOB in Biafra land by the Nigerian security agents is correct and even the soldiers know that the report did not reveal details and other atrocities of the blood thirsty soldiers.

“Our Operation David Dance will do to the military what David did to Goliath in the battlefield. The only difference is that we are not using weapons, but the spiritual warfare backed by Chukwu Okike Abiama that disgraced them with the Amnesty International report.

“The world will never stop blaming them for killing innocent civilians and this is now gathering momentum around the world. That is why they are running to cover the crime committed in a broad daylight.”

In support of IPOB, a Civil right group known as, Civil Rights Realization and Advancement Network (CRRAN), has condemned the Army’s ‘operation python dance’ asking the Federal Government to explain to Nigerians the reasons for the current siege on the South-East by the military when there was no major political or civil unrest in the region. The group said, the Nigerian Army operation was a major assault on the freedom of movement of Ibos.

Excerpts from a statement released by CRRAN president, Olu Omatayo, in Enugu, reads:

“The South-East states of Nigeria, which had hitherto been very peaceful, has come under siege as the men of Nigerian Army took over major roads of south east states with massive deployment of its’ personnel in its’ so-called “Operation Python Dance.”

“the question that readily comes to mind is: what is the reason for this deliberate assault on the freedom of movement of the inhabitants of this region?”

“The present Federal Government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, though a civilian regime, has not come to terms that in any democratic society, the fundamental rights of the citizens prevail. There has not been any incident or glaring acts of threat to the peace by any group in the region to support this invasion.”


With all the Dancing operations being launched in South-Eastern Nigeria, we pray and hope that no innocent Nigerian’s life is lost during this period.

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