Italian Police prevents Nigerian man from committing suicide

The Italian police have successfullyy foiled a suicide attempt made by a Nigerian man at a train station in Italy.

According to reports, the suicide plot by the Nigerian was foiled by some police officers at the Genova pegli train station in Italy today (March 29 2019).

This is the second time a Nigerian is towing the path of suicide in Italy.

Earlier this year, a different Nigerian had successfully commited suicide by throwing himself under a train at the the Genova pegli train station in Italy which crushed him to death.

It was later gathered that the 25-year-old Nigerian man took to suicide after his request for a residency permit in the country was rejected.

A fellow Nigerian shared this recent suicide story on his facebook page.

He wrote:

at about 9:30am this morning, Another Nigerian trying to commit suicide at Genova pegli train station italy was stopped. I’ll keep talking about this, whatever you are passing through don’t ever think of taking your life.

May his soul rest in peace!


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