Kobe Bryant: “Nobody Has The Right To Tell Others The Level Of Grief To Show” – Ceec Replies Khloe, Others

Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C has reacted to people including her colleague, Khloe  criticizing those mourning late basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

We reported earlier today that some Nigerian celebrities including, BBN’s Thelma and Mr. Jollof made a post insulting and blasting people mourning Kobe Bryant.

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BBN’s Khloe also made a post saying she’s disappointed in Nigerians for being so concerned about Bryant’s death when there are so many issues within their own environment that they’ve be silent about.

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Khloe Cee-C Kobe Bryant

Reacting to this, Cee-C made a post telling people not to dictate to others how to grieve or mourn others. She reminded them that Kobe Bryant inspired and impacted many while he was alive and it’s only right if people who admired him show respect and celebrate him after his death.

Cee-C Kobe Bryant

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