Lagos Airport cleaner who returned money severally decries no reward

A Nigeria woman identified as Madam Josephine who works as a cleaner at Murtala Muhammed International airport has revealed that she has returned N37M to the government on countless occasions.

During a recent street chat, Madam Josephine revealed that she had returned large sum of 12m, 8m, 7m 10m back to security agencies at the airport on different occasions.

airport cleaner
Madam Josephine explaining her predicament

However, the now aggrieved woman revealed that she has never received any award or compensation for her honesty.

She further maintained that if it were in a sane society, the government would have made her an ambassador of honesty and she would be out there by now telling the youth that honesty pays.

In her words:

I’ve returned money 3 times. I’m a cleaner working at MMIA. I’ve returned N12m, N10m, N8m, N7m. In other countries, I will have been an ambassador talking to the youths about the importance of honesty. But today, nobody remembers me.


Watch the video below:


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