List of Best Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria 2019

Are you a school leaver having trouble choosing the best federal polytechnic to in Nigeria to attend? Then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes choosing a federal polytechnic to study in Nigeria might be a lot of stress especially when there are lots of institutions to choose from. However, you are not alone in this and we have prepared this list to help your decision making process easier.

Top Ten Best Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria 2019

Here, you will find the top ten federal polytechnics in Nigeria. You can choose from this list of best federal polytechnic in Nigeria as their certificates are well recognised all over the country. Also, these institutions have overall good facilities, high quality teaching and superb scholarly research output.

Most importantly, the list follows the latest webometrics ranking of the best polytechnics in Nigeria and features the best polytechnics as ranked by the National Board of Technical Education in Nigeria(NBTE).

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1.     Federal Polytechnic Auchi,  AUCHIPOLY

Federal Polytechnic Auchi, popularly referred to as AuchiPoly comes first on our list of the best federal polytechnic in Nigeria. According to the webometric ranking of polytechnics in Nigeria in 2018, it was also first. Auchipoly has a record of notable alumni and the institution has won several national competitions. Some of these include the Polytechnic Expo of 2008. Best design and fabrications in 2012 and so on. Auchipoly was established in 1963 by the Edo State government. However it was taken over by the federal government in 1994 

2.     Yaba College of Technology YABATECH

Coming closely after Auchipoly on this list is the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Lagos commonly called YABATECH. Yabatech has a long time reputation of being at the fore front of higher technology education in the country. Yabatech is also known to have been the first higher institution to establish a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria, thereby adding to its rank. The institution offers B.Sc programmes in addition to its diploma programmes. Surprisingly, Yaba College was ranked eighth according to the NBTE ranking of best polytechnic sin Nigeria inn2018.

3.     Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro was second best polytechnic in Nigeria according to the National Board of Technical Education in Nigeria(NBTE) ranking in 2018 and ranked sixth on the Nigeria Info list of best polytechnics in Nigeria. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro was established in 1979 and offers a variety of courses including those in Engineering and Information Technology. The school offers excellent quality of education and boasts of scholarly research and sound lecturers from all over the country.

4.     Federal Polytechnic Ede POLYEDE

Federal Polytechnic Ede is also popularly referred to as Poly Ede.Located in Ede, osun State, the academic institution was established in 1992 and is one of the most popular in the south west. Federal Polytechnic Ede boasts of top notch training facilities, serene environment as well as excellent staff. The institution has excellent product in terms of research and ranks fourth on the webometrics list of best federal polytechnics in Nigeria. Federal Polytechnic Ede also boasts of notable alumni and scholarly article published.

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5.     Federal Polytechnic Oko

According to records from the UTME board, Federal Polytechnic Oko is one of the institutions commonly selected by candidates as their choice of polytechnic. The federal polytechnic Oko became a federal polytechnic in 1985. Prior to this period, specifically in 1979, it was attached to the College of Arts and Science in Anambra State. Federal Poly Oko is also one of the top ten federal polytechnics in Nigeria. Federal Poly Oko ranked 11th in the list of NBTE best polytechnics in Nigeria.

6.     Federal Polytechnic Bauchi

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is the sixth federal polytechnic according to the webometrics ranking of polytechnics in Nigeria. The federal Poly Bauchi was established in 1979. It is located in North East of Nigeria and has the current Rector as Arch. Sanusi Waziri Gumau. The Federal Polytechnic Bauchi is also one of the most widely chosen choice of polytechnic among candidates and offers quality education for students. The Polytechnic also boasts of quality research products and learning facilities.

7.     Kaduna Polytechnic KADPOLY

The Kaduna Polytechnic closely follows Federal Polytechnic Oko in the webometrics ranking of best polytechnic in Nigeria. It was third according to the NBTE ranking in 2018. Kaduna Polytechnic was formerly known as the Kaduna Technical Institute and it is commonly referred to as Kadpoly. Kadpoly was established in 1956. The academic institution offers over 40 courses to prospective students and currently has over 30, 000 students enrolled.

8.     Federal Polytechnic Nekede POLYNEKEDE

Federal Polytechnic Nekede was named the best polytechnic in Nigeria in 2018 by the National Board for Technical Education in Nigeria. The institution is popularly known or its innovative ideas and state of the art learning facilities. The institution was established in 1978 as a College of Technology located in Imo state. It finally became a Federal Polytechnic in 1993 and has since been maintaining quality in facilities and training.

9.     Federal Polytechnic Offa

Federal Polytechnic Offa was established in 1992. The institution has recorded a number of great feats especially in research and innovation. Federal Polytechnic Offa also ensures the quality of its staff remains the best as it keeps organising both national and international trainings through partnership with foreign institutions. Federal polytechnic Offa is popularly referred to as FPO. The institution offers a serene environment, excelllent learning facilities and quality teaching.

10.  Federal Polytechnic Bida BIDAPOLY

Federal Polytechnic Bida was established in 1977 after the federal government moved the Federal College of Technology Kano into Bida. Bidapoly is located in the North central part of Nigeria and is a leading academic institution with strong standards and excellent technologically skilled students.

In conclusion, there are a lot of polytechnics in Nigeria, State, federal, even private polytechnics. The quality of education, and performance of these institutions and learning facilities should greatly affect any prospective candidate’s choice of institution as to get the best. The above list of best federal polytechnics in Nigeria gives you a head start in making a great choice.

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One thought on “List of Best Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria 2019

  • August 4, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    the 10 best polytechnics in nigeria
    1.yaba college of technology
    2.IMT Enugu
    3.Kaduna polytechnic
    4.Federal polytechnic Bida
    5.The polytechnic Ibadan
    6. Federal Polytechnic Auchi
    7.Federal Polytechnic Bauchi
    8. Federal Polytechnic Ilaro
    9.Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa
    10.The Polytechnic Calabar


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