Make Money Online Jobs for Stay at Home Mums

Online businesses have really evolved and many more opportunities are being created from this growth; the good part being that just anyone can get involved by simply knowing what to do and having the right tools to use. Even as a stay at home mum, while still carrying out your domestic affairs, keeping the home and raising children; you can make some money from various online sources and support your family from it. In this piece we would be sharing ways that stay at home mums can leverage on and make some bucks online.

Tutoring Jobs

Any stay at home mum with any level of education has something she is good at; a skill, subject, vocation, profession, handicraft. So you can decide to package your skills in a text (for blogs), vlogs (videos) and start teaching people by posting videos on YouTube. Of course you will need a recording device (sound or video). The tools of your trade will also be required; for instance cooking will require various kitchen utensils and ingredients and with that you are good to go. This can apply to other skills one is willing to teach others. Your teaching materials and videos can be put up for sale online.

Sell Products Online

This is one popular way you can make money online if you are able to develop a product whether digital or physical. You can sell ebooks that you have written. Writing is such that you can read so many books that busy people out there find it difficult to read and share such knowledge you have discovered with them in an ebook. So basically, you can sell ebooks on best selling book summaries. You can also sell old items, hand crafts. Check out Etsy and Ebay for a start.


This too is getting really popular by the day as many people are beginning to see great opportunities in it. Asides just taking pictures or getting paid for your services, one can equally sell their pictures. Now this will involve beautiful pictures that can inspire to buy it or even decide to frame it and keep at home. A stay at home mum can create beautiful sceneries with her new born baby, environment and home. A website like com creates opportunities for photographers to post their pictures freely with a PayPal button attached for free donations.

Article Writing

As much as we all can speak and talk to one another freely, not everyone can actually write a full page article and many people are in need of people with the skill of outstanding writing. Other need more technical writing that has to do with something proposals for potential investors and clients.

Translation Services

When someone decides to take up language lessons online or in a class you might think it’s a waste of time but interestingly there are people in need of translators in major languages of the world. There are many freelance websites where people are daily requesting for translators especially from a regional language to English Language.

Online Survey Jobs

Major brands and businesses like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Apple and more are constantly carrying out research and development programs and this involves online surveys. So as a stay at home mum, your opinion about a product in a survey can earn you some cool cash. You simply share your views and get paid for it.


This simply means sharing content through a website or platform that is owned and managed by you. You can create a free one from com or depending on your choice. You can equally self-host one on You can images, podcasts, texts, videos and many more.

Kindle Publishing

This online job involves self-publishing your own books using the Kindle platform created on All you need is to write a book that you are sure carries a strong message and is worth paying for, and publish it on Amazon kindle for free. You will share the profit of sales with Amazon. It is quite easy but the real work is in sitting down and writing something worth reading and paying for.


This involves selling things online and will entail building a website with a store section in it. A plugin like woocommerce can incorporate that for you easily. You can do this on your blog and if you are into fashion blogging, fashion items are an easy sell.

Telecommute Jobs

This means doing an office work as an employee from home or in a virtual location. There are several telecommute websites you can check out. You can start with Indeed.

Data Entry Jobs

By data entry, it means people will be hiring you to help them enter information or data and numbers into software like excel. You might be expected to do data analysis as well.

Working from home has never been easier especially in this age of digitization where anyone can set up his/her work space or internet hub from any location. This has created opportunity for different people with various schedules to work from any location and also manage the disparities in activities like stay at home mums.

Do you have other ways of making money online as a stay at home mum? Share with us in the comments section!




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