Make Money Online Jobs for Students

Making money online is unique because you don’t require a degree or full scale education to be able to learn the ropes. Once you are literate as to read, write and also learn to use gadgets and software and basic computer stuffs, you are really good to go. Students also can start making money for themselves long before they graduate by entering the online labour market. The internet offers opportunities to escape being a job seeker and also create jobs for yourself and others. So what ways can students make money online?

Resume writing services

If a student thinks he/she has the good skill of writing that can sell the personality, skills, education, exposure and experience of other people, then resume writing will be a good place to start. Someone might have the skill and expertise of the job in question but can’t write a resume that will convince employers to employ them. You can start designing beautiful resumes at Canva.

Tutoring Jobs

This can relatively easier for students seeing that they are still in school and are still in the formal learning environment. They can organize lessons for other students online or engage in one on one tutoring as well.

Sell Online

This is one of the best ways to make money online and there are many things one can sell online. These will include; books, fashion items, ebooks, songs, podcasts, etc. For more publicity, trust and exposure one can start with selling on more established ecommerce stores where you give them a percentage after selling on their platform.


This is one area that interests students seeing that it is exciting, classy and of course fashionable. With a good camera, a laptop and software like Adobe suite you are good to go with your photography business. People can reach you online via your social media platforms for jobs and you can also sell your photographs on a website like Pixabay. Flickr and Instagram are great platforms to share your brand as a photographer.

Article Writing

Writing has become one of the sure ways to earn good money for yourself. There are now different types of writing; business writing, report writing, copywriting, article writing, etc. There are freelance websites where one can get writing jobs online and many of them pay in foreign currencies. You can sign up at,, and many more.

Website Design

This is most lucrative area to make some money especially for students who are skilled in it and are also aesthetically inclined. You can take lessons on website design or teach yourself to do so. There are many videos online where one can learn different ways of web design. Also coding and programming can be learnt on the internet. Some of the platforms like can give you job opportunities and projects that will pay you.

Translation Services

As a student, the opportunity to study a new language in school should never be taken for granted. There are many companies and individuals who are seeking for people that are skilled in translation from one language to the other. They in fact pay good money for translation more than article writing. If you also have an opportunity that takes you to another country like Germany or France to further your studies, learning their language should be a plus to your curriculum vitae. You can also get on platforms like to get translation jobs.

Online Surveys

World class companies and smaller ones that desire to compete more in global markets are well known for investing in research and developments. Asides laboratory research, they also engage internet users to run surveys by seeking their opinions. Some of these of surveys can pay you as much as $10 to just give answers to a few questions.


This has turned out to be the most popular way people are using to make money for themselves today. It is also one that can open up more areas of money making by virtue of owning a blog. A blog can earn you money from advertisements, sponsored posts, ecommerce, adsense, native advertisement and writing services for other people. The most important thing is to build a niche market, be consistent about it and see yourself making some good money. Popular blogging platforms include; WordPress and Blogspot.

Kindle Publishing

This involves self-publishing your books on Amazon kindle. With the advancement in the publishing industry more people no longer depend traditional publishing but rather self-publish their books. You simply share proceeds of sales with Amazon. You can checkout this thread on Nairaland for ample information.


This simply creating a system that enables people to make purchases online. You can build your own e-commerce platform on or incorporate one into your personal blog.

Making money is no longer limited to when one graduates or acquires a degree in a particular profession. As a student you can harness these areas and make some big bucks for yourself while still carrying on with your education.




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