Make Money Online Jobs for Teenagers

Making money online has never been easier especially with the democratization of the internet space. It has made more people innovative, creative and eager to make something for themselves. In fact age is no longer a barrier as people from various age brackets are doing various things on worldwide web.

Teenagers also have the chance to start early and build a business or idea while watching it grow over time. Some people who are older wish they knew what they know now while they were still teenagers. Imagine a 13 year old starting a blog and what it will be like by the time they are 21. In this piece would discuss online jobs for teenagers.

Review Jobs

Slice the Pie: This is one of the largest review sites on the web. It is a very simple process; you share your opinions about different issues, products, personalities and brands and you get paid for it. There are many businesses and brands that are constantly carrying out research and development programs and one strategy they use is to go through websites like who in turn pays respondents for their opinions.

Other review sites include; Vindale Research and Review me.

Survey Jobs Online for teenagers

Survey jobs are  like review jobs, however, they vary in that surveys involve being paid for answering structured questions. 5 Surveys Jobs online include; Survey Savvy, Minds Pay, Swagbucks, Cash Crate, and Global Test Market.

Article Writing Jobs for teenagers

Article writing is one area that is continuously in high demand by various individuals and businesses. Many things are communicated through words; ideas, thoughts, proposals, brochures, founding documents and more. As much as they are simply words, not everyone can actually sit down and get articulate with words. This creates job opportunities for those with the skills to cash in, even teenagers. Some websites where you can get writing jobs include;,,, and more. Other ways to get jobs can be through proposals to companies that might need such services, you can tell people about your skills, create social media account and presence, write articles on public domains like; Facebook Notes,,, create a personal brand website and a blog too.

Programming Jobs

Programming jobs are equally in high demand as more people with tech ideas are seeking collaborations with people who have the skills to code. The world is definitely moving in a whole new direction as technology is taking over various tasks. You can learn how to code on these websites;, The good thing about these websites is that after you have perfected your skills, they can link you to companies that will need your services in handling so many projects.

Signing up to freelance websites can equally land you jobs in programming. They include;,,, and more.

Online Tasks

You can also make money by performing simple to fairly complex online tasks.

Fiverr: This is an online task and jobs websites where different with various skills sign up and create a gig of what they can do. A gig is a short statement stating what skills you can sell e.g I can remove malware from your WordPress site.

On this website whether you are a seller or buyer, you will be in touch with the clients and you can equally negotiate gigs or simply pay for already stated gigs as low as $5. The website is

Sell Online Jobs

Another option for making money online for teenagers is selling things online on already established websites. These websites are known as top players in the ecommerce industry with a wide-range of products. As a way of making money for themselves and also helping other small businesses and entrepreneurs, they create option for people to sell their products on their platforms. They share proceeds of sales with you as an independent seller. Some of these websites include;,, Other Nigerian ecommerce sites that offer same opportunity include;,, and more.

Content Creation Jobs

Another lucrative way of making money is through the creation of unique, sellable content. There are different kinds of content; text, videos, images, podcasts, etc. Many comedians are also leveraging on platforms like Instagram to create funny videos that end up going viral.

Blogging: This involves simply having a website where you can post different kinds of content for an audience. At some point, you can go and monetize your website and make money from it.

Youtube videos: You can equally sign up on YouTube and create your own videos that can be in form of tutorials, lessons, funny videos and more. This too can also be monetized to make money.

Social media posts and followers building: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and many more have gone beyond social interaction sites to one that also generate money for users. By building a large audience of visitors and followers you can start charging people to run post on your accounts. With your influence and reach, some businesses will pay you to promote their products and brands.

Making money online has never been this easy. However, you can only succeed at it if you have the right tools, knowledge and strategy. One thing is sure, consistency is key to winning online; you must also be passionate about whatever you choose to do.


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