Marry Two Wives Or Go To Jail – Swaziland King

Swaziland remains one of the nations in the world that still operates an absolute monarchical system of government, hence, it came as no surprise when the king threatened men with just one wife, jail terms.

King Mswati III is recognised for his polygamy as he currently has 15 wives, although two are appointed by the state.

Mswati III has ordered that from June 2019,  men must marry at least two or more wives or they will be locked up.

The king is of the belief that doing this will help women get husbands.

In a statement, King Mswati assured men that marry at least five wives that the government would pay for the marriage ceremonies and buy houses for them.

The king was also reported to tell men who do not marry more than a wife that they are risking life sentence.

King of Swaziland

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