Master List of 50 Best Businesses to do in Nigeria

Nigeria has long gone past the era of waiting to get a job once you are done with tertiary education. While a lot of individuals in Nigeria already earn a living from working for themselves, some are not sure what business they can begin with the little capital they have.

If you fall into the category of those that are not sure what business to go into, then you should read this article to the end. It contains a list of 50 businesses to do in Nigeria.

Mobile Food Vending

food truck

You do not have to be an excellent cook to try out this business. All you need is the funds and willingness to do business. People always appreciate food, making money while helping people with their stomachs won’t be a bad idea.

Mobile food vending is not yet a popular business in this part of the world. This is one reason you should try it out.

Computer Training Center

The phase of learning some computer skills is a phase most young Nigerians of this generation go through. Therefore, you do not have to worry about where your customers will come from. All you need to do is set up your business in a strategic location. While running a computer training center, it is important to add other services that will keep clients coming to your business place

Rental Services

Nigerians are happy people and will always party, this means there will always be a market for your business. To successfully run a rental business in Nigeria, you do not need to start big. You can start with the basics chairs, canopies and tables.

Food Processing

Food processing is not a business that can be started without lots of skill and capital. If you have the capital for this and studied anything related to food processing, this will be a great business for you to venture into

Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs

This is a business that requires a skill and some level of experience. This therefore makes it necessary for anyone interested in starting out this business to have worked a little and gathered the needed experience in this field. Also, this business might require some capital

Frozen Food Sales

frozen food

This is a perfect business for women that are looking to change their status from house wife to business owner. No real skill is needed to run this business.

A frozen food business should be sited in a residential area. However, getting a business space in a market will be even better for your business.

Catering Services

Food business is great business in Nigeria. If you are confident of how well you bake, this is a business you should try out. For this business, your target market are people having certain forms of celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Computer Repair and Accessories

The business of repairing and selling computers is a business for skilled individuals. Also, to be successful at this business, a level of experience is required.

A computer repair and accessories store should be sited in a secure environment. This will help keep the activities of burglars in check.

Poultry Farming

Nigerians love chicken and eggs, taking advantage of this in business is definitely a great idea. Not a lot of space is need to start a poultry on a small scale. With a little piece of land or some space at your backyard, you can start a poultry.

Livestock Farming

sheep farm

Livestock farming is very similar to poultry farming. The major difference is you will need ample space because you are not dealing with birds.

To start up livestock farming, some amount will be needed for capital. Furthermore, an understanding of the behaviors of animals will be needed.

Cooking Gas Sales

No skill is required before a cooking gas depot is set up. There is always space to learn on the job when involved in a cooking gas business.

To make rapid sales, siting your business is a residential environment and having a means of transport are key.


Transportation business might look very easy on the surface, however, when studied deeply, it appears to require a lot of management abilities. Therefore, to run a transport business, you will require the means to purchase a fleet of vehicles as well as management skills

Haulage and Logistics

There are very few Nigerian companies that are known to be into haulage. This therefore makes haulage and logistics a very challenging and thriving terrain in Nigeria. In addition to skill, this business requires a lot in form of startup capital.

Bulk Sms Services

Bulk sms can be started by about anyone including students, not very much is required to begin this business.

Cleaning Services


Not every individual has the time to tidy their apartment, this phenomenon has brought about an opportunity to make a business out of cleaning. You do not need to be an expert of any sort to start this business.

Sports Viewing Centers

The average Nigerian man cannot be separated from sports. This fact makes this business a very thriving one. To start this business, about two television sets, a venue and cable networks are required.

This business might also require a level of muscle flexing

Sports Betting Agencies

This is a business that is known to require a lot of muscle flexing. This is perhaps because of the class of people that patronize this business. Beyond the flexing of muscles, this business is consider very lucrative because of addiction to sports betting

Building Block Production

Vibrated building blocks are always needed by those involved in the construction of houses. A piece of land, a few laborers and a molding machine are required to start this business

Car Wash Services

Not everyone has the time to wash their car by themselves. This occurrence can be taken advantage of to start a business. This business requires a piece of land and a couple of labourers.

Car Hire Services

Not everyone enjoys public transportation when out of their resident city. A car hire service can always come to the rescue of those that will always need a private car both in and out of their resident cities

Ice Block Production

ice block

Nigeria suffers from an epileptic power supply. This can be taken advantage of to start a business. Although this might not be a very modern business because of the presence of cooling vans , it is still patronized by those that do not have the cash to afford cooling vans

Video Game Center

This business might not be considered a good business because of the addiction it creates. However, there is a lot of money that can be made from it. Young teenagers are very interested in playing games . This is an interest that can be taken advantage of.

Nanny Agencies

You can start a business as a result of your love for babies and little children. Very few mothers of this generation would give up their jobs to take care of their babies. This creates a job opportunity for those that love babies.

Laundry Services

Laundrymen or dry cleaners are an essential part of our society. Most busy white collar workers do not have enough time on their hands to wash their clothes. If you are good at washing and ironing, you can make some money from this business

Night Clubs

Starting a night club requires a lot of willpower and capital. If you meet the criteria required to start a night club then you are on your way to make some real cash.

Nigerians are known to visit night clubs especially on Fridays. This helps them unwind after a very stressful day.


Not every individual has the time to make their own meals. Well, if you think you are a great cook, you can give this business a try. Not much is needed in for of capital


The average Nigerian man cannot be separated from drinking. This can be taken very good advantage of. All that is required to start a bar is a good location, some capital and the tenacity to make it work

Errand Services

The fact that some Nigerians do not have the ability to do grocery shopping is a business opportunity. Therefore starting an errand service agency is one way to make money without having much skill.

Oil Palm Production

palm fruit

Food business is very good business, if you are willing to work hard for your money, this business should be considered. To be successful at this, you will need a constant supply of oil palm and a good location.

Event Ushering

Most social gatherings in Nigeria need ushers to help make things orderly. This therefore makes even ushering a viable business in Nigeria.

You do not have to be an event usher to start an event ushering agency. All that is needed is the right business contacts and capital.

House Painting

To make a business out of house painting, you will need to be very skillful. If you do not have confidence in your skill level, you should not venture into this business.

Online Clothing Store

A lot of high earning Nigerians do not really have the time to go shopping in person. Most of them would prefer to shop online. As a result of this, an online clothing store comes in very handy.

Internet Radio Station

Internet radio stations do not require much IT skills and capital. All that is required for a start are a good internet connection and a PC.

Antique Furniture Sales

Antique furniture are not very available in this part of the world. If you are able to constantly lay your hands on Antique furniture for sale, you can make a business out of it

Pest Control

Nigerians are not the friendliest set of people with pests. If you have the ability to control the appearance of pests around people’s homes, then you have yourself a good business

Resume Writing

Not much capital is required for this. If you consider yourself an expert at resume writing, you can make it a part time business. However, for a start, you will need a lot of contacts

Personal Fitness Coach


This business definitely requires a lot of skill to carryout. If you are have the ability to guide individuals through a right workout routine, making it a business won’t be a bad idea

Business Brokering

The field of business brokering is for those that have the ability to negotiate and market products. An additional requirement is the right qualification for this business.

Nail Studio

People always want to look beautiful. Nowadays, both males and females want to make their nails look attractive. This creates a business opportunity for those willing to start a nail studio.

Unisex Salon

A skill might be required to be a hairdresser or barber. However, absolutely no skill is required to own a unisex salon. All that is needed is capital, interest and a good location

Day Spa

If you love to make people look beautiful and are looking to start a business, a day spa will certainly be a good idea.

Ice Cream Production

Not everyone in the neighborhood has an idea how ice cream is produced. You can make a business out of the production of ice-cream you have the skill to make it.


Bread is a stable in Nigeria. As a result of this, going into the business of bread production will definitely yield gain if managed properly.

Bottled Water Production

You do not have to make your business very exquisite to sustain it. This means you can start a bottled water business without necessarily being in the class of the big names in this country.

Recharge Card Printing

This might not be the most lucrative business in Nigeria. However, it does not require much and can even be started and effectively managed by students

Waste Management Agency


Not any cities in Nigeria have a good waste disposal system. If you can afford to get the required trucks, machinery and manpower, you could invest in this business.

Scrap Metal Sales

Scrap metals are always seen lying around in unwanted places. Coming up With a means of getting them out of site and making them available to those that need them is definitely going to be a viable business.

Poultry Feed Production

Every animal feeds including birds. The business of poultry feed production is a great one because poultry owners have no choice but to feed their birds to make them marketable

Animal Feed Production

Livestock owners definitely need to feed their animals. This gives room for those with the skill to make animal feed to have a thriving business.

Cooling Vans

Cooling vans are the modern means of keeping drinks cool. They can be used in all types of events. The basic thing needed for this business is a cooling van in addition to the needed contacts.


Breaking even and sustaining a business goes beyond will power. Certain skills are required. If you must do well in a business once the ball is set rolling, it is important to get some more knowledge as regards business.

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