Master List of Legal Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Are you interested in making money online but don’t know where to start? Well here are a variety of ways you can choose from. This list is a summary of what each job entails. However, I will be dealing with each online job specifically in subsequent posts so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Why not take a look at this list and choose one or more online job(s) you’re willing to try.


Blogging is such an easy way to start making money online; if you get it right. All you require for this is to work is to have a plan, find something you want to blog about and then open a blog. Opening a blog doesn’t take much of your time and you can start blogging immediately your blog is ready. The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can write on any topic of your choice. 


A website can fetch you a descent amount of money if properly managed. Websites are now so easy to own because many services providers offer instant website ownership for an agreed price. Money usually comes from advertisements and sales of goods or services. 


Selling items have never been easier with several websites giving you the opportunities to sell both used and new items on their sites. What more? Social media platforms are bubbling marketplaces too! You’d be amazed at what people can buy online. Why not rake through your house and have an online yard sale. On the other hand, you could sell new items at a discount. 


Affiliate marketing is all about earning commissions for helping other businesses sell or promote their goods/services. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is all about traffic. The more people you have on your social media platforms, blogs or websites, the higher your chances of success.


Forex simply stands for Foreign exchange. Forex which is the centre of currency exchange worldwide happens to be the largest financial market in the world and you can tap into the trillions of dollars that is traded daily in the Forex market. However you need money to trade Forex. This is a highly profitable and extremely risky business and might not be suitable for a beginner without knowledge of how the market works.


There are so many national and international competitions online that you can make money from if you have the skills required to win. Some of these competitions run into millions of dollars. However, while some are free others might require registration fees which usually run into a couple of fifties to hundreds of dollars.


So many businesses out there need people’s opinions on services or goods they offer while others are interested in statistical analysis in various places. They achieve this by contracting survey companies who in turn contract people like you and I to answer specialised questions in form of questionnaires. Surveys are a very easy way of making money online and though you wouldn’t get rich doing surveys, you could make some bread and butter money at the beginning and reasonable sums later on. The trick is registering with as many survey companies as possible and lots of patience.


If you’ve got a fast or even average typing speed, this job is for you. Several businesses are in need of typists to develop data or rewrite contents. Online typing jobs however, are not so easy to find and will not make you rich either. Like every other online job it requires lots of patience.


We all have one specialised skill or the other to offer; this is where freelancing comes in. You could register with freelancing sites and sell skills like writing designing, drawing, photography; the list is endless! Freelancers can make as much as a thousand bucks from one job but you have to be very good at what you do for this to happen. Why not register with one or more of the hundreds of freelancing sites out there and start making money.


Online writing is one of the leading jobs you can find online. You don’t have to have a crazy imagination to start writing online. All you need is to know how to put sentences together in a way that a reader can understand. You can start with writing articles on any topic of your choice and posing on several websites that allow it. You can also apply to start writing for popular websites. While you’re waiting to start making money writing, why not start putting down ideas for your content. 


Producing and selling e-books is a thriving online business today. There are millions of internet users out there are waiting to consume the information you have. There are two branches of e-book production including the fiction and non-fiction. Choose one of these and start writing but if you feel that you’re not much of a writer, hire a freelance writer online and give them your ideas to work on. Make sure you go through legitimate freelancing sites and have your writer sign an NDA to avoid theft of your ideas. The e-book market is one from which you can make thousands of dollars in as little as a month once you have good content and some marketing too.  (More on e-book publishing in subsequent posts)


Lots of companies are outsourcing jobs to curb the impact of recession. Virtual assistance as an online job is not as easy as most think because you’d be required to do at home what is done in the offices of various businesses. Finding a virtual assistance job that pays well is not very easy but if found, can earn you a reasonable amount of cash. Why not search for virtual assistance jobs that suit you and start applying. 

If plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters. –Chris Guillebeau

#Advice: Making money online requires lots of patience. Have a plan, stay on it even if you fail, be patient and soon you’d be smiling to the bank!


Many internet users and online schools are in need of e-teachers for education on various branches of knowledge. You can make money from this need if you are a certified educator or have the required certification. You can do this by starting your own website or registering with already existing ones. Some e-teachers make hundreds of dollars everyday teaching online. Language teachers are mostly in demand as several people want to learn various languages for tourism, commerce, educational or personal purposes. This online job requires seriousness and dedication and could fetch you a fortune if well managed.


Have you ever wished you had someone to instruct you on what to do in a particular situation?  This is where an e-instructor comes in. You can start a website that offers special instructions to people who need them. This is a fresh idea of mine (I think…) and will fetch you loads of money if properly implemented.


Ever heard of a YouTube video gone viral? Of course you have. What you might not know is that the people who upload these viral videos make money from them. Uploading a video on YouTube wouldn’t make you rich but uploading one that goes viral might. Why not take a look at videos that have gone viral and come up with ideas of video clips that could go viral when you upload them.


Ever bought a product because someone who used it said it was good? Well companies today have discovered that one of the secret to sales is reviews. Reading another customer’s review goes a long way in convincing a skeptical customer especially if the review is a good one. Thousands of companies today are paying consumers to review their products; some even send you their products for free in return for a review.


Several sites all over the world provide platforms for reselling items. You could resale items bought at a discount price on your website, blog or social media page. You can do this by purchasing items from wholesale companies and reselling at your own price on your blog, website or social media page.


Many businesses process loads of data everyday and are happy to outsource these data entry jobs. This is where you come in. You can make money by entering data for businesses; you could start by setting up a website or registering with sites that outsource data entry jobs.


Online tasks abound and could include getting info, playing games, shopping, reading emails, uploading blog or web content etc. You can get jobs like this by registering with the appropriate sites or by setting up a site that offers such a service. However, you don’t really make much doing online tasks as they do not require much of your time but doing lots of online tasks could make you a reasonable sum.


If you have a knack for finding  information, conducting research for individuals or organisation can make you money online. You could start by registering with research job sites and starting your own site when you’ve understood what this online business entails. 


There are services that are scarcely available online. These services might even be new but viable ideas. If you have a service you think the online world needs why not set up a site advertise your services and start making money. 


Individuals and organisations will always be in need of a variety of technical services.  These services could include writing of specialised contents, editing, programming, app/software development, formatting, and e.t.c.  You can make money offering these services. This market is most profitable for computer/internet technicians but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent sum if you have other technical services you can offer.


This is another profitable online business that you could start. Academic services abound and include services like sourcing for scholarships, finding schools that suits clients’ needs, writing applications, academic writing (assignments, essays, thesis, research papers, text books, manuals), sourcing for teachers etc. Academic services abound and you can make a lot of money from offering these services. 


Do you have a brilliant idea that blows light bulbs in your head? Why not sell these ideas online to companies that are connected with your idea. A good idea could make you rich but before you get excited, you should know that a lot of people who thought they had bright ideas ended up finding out their ideas weren’t worth much. That might not be the case for you but be ready to hear that your idea is not practical or is already in use. Also before you run off to sell your ideas, make sure your brilliant ideas are protected to avoid theft of your ideas.

If you’ve chosen one or more of these ideas, start now and work hard at it and soon that e-cash will come rolling in! Watch out for the abc on how to make blogging this month.

Do you think something is missing in the master list of legal ways to make money online? Let us know in the comment section!

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  • January 26, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    I promise to surprise myself this year with at least one successful online biz.this is a reminder to me about my resolve.


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