Master List of Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Quite a number of Nigerian students go through school without having an idea that there are a number of scholarships available to them. The best most students know is that there exists scholarships from multinational companies.

However, there are a wide array of scholarships available to Nigerians. This article is a master list of all scholarships available to Nigerian students.

For the purpose of this article, scholarships are divided into government scholarships and non-government scholarships

Nigerian Government Scholarships

This is divided into state government scholarships, federal government scholarships and foreign government scholarships.

State Government Scholarships for Nigerians

The only prominent state government scholarship available to Nigerian students is the Lagos state government scholarship. This scholarship is available to only students of Lagos state origin.

It is divided into local scholarship and foreign scholarship.

Local Scholarship

This is given to indigenes of Lagos state that are schooling in any tertiary institution in Nigeria

Foreign Scholarship

This is awarded to students that are of Lagos origin and have been admitted to study either at under graduate level or post-graduate level in tertiary institutions outside the shores of Nigeria.

Federal Government Scholarships for Nigerians

Federal government scholarships in Nigeria include

PTDF Scholarships Program (Nigeria and Oversea)

This scholarship is offered by the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate and post-graduate students both in Nigeria and out of Nigeria.

Scholarship Tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

This scholarship is offered to NCE, HND, undergraduate and post-graduate students of Nigerian origin. It is offered through the ministry of education.

Bilateral educational Agreement Overseas Scholarships

This is offered to masters, PHD and undergraduate students. It is offered by the ministry of education. It is usually a full fee covering scholarship.

Foreign Government Scholarships for Nigerians

This scholarships is offered by foreign governments to non-nationals of their country. It is done to promote mutual friendship between the countries involved. Nigerian students are beneficiaries of some of these scholarship programs. They include:

Hungarian Government Scholarships

This is offered by the Hungarian government to international students. It gives them the privilege of having tuition free studies for their period of stay. The scholarship comes with monthly allowances, accommodation and medical insurance.

Korean Government Scholarships

This scholarship is for advanced studies and is given by the Korean government to enable foreign students have access to quality education at a much reduced rate.

Mexican Government Scholarships

This scholarship comes with medical insurance, monthly allowances in addition to tuition fees. It is offered by the Mexican Government to international students for the sake of masters, doctorate, graduate research and undergraduate academic programs

Indian Government Scholarships

This is offered by the Indian government through the Indian council for cultural relations. This is offered to African undergraduate and post graduate students. It comes with monthly allowances, house rent allowances and medical insurances.

Non-Government Scholarships for Nigerians

Chevron/ NNPC National University Scholarship

This is awarded to Nigerian students in their second year in the university as at the time of application for this scholarship.

Chevron /Agbami Undergraduate Scholarships

This is for Nigerian undergraduates that are studying engineering and health related courses. This scholarship is only open to Nigerian citizens that are in their first or second year in the university.

Agbami Scholarship Program

This is offered to Nigerian students in their first and second year in the university. Applicants for this scholarship must be full –time students as part-time students are not considered.

Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Program

The purpose of offering this scholarship is to encourage academic excellence among students. It is only open to students in their first year in the university.

Shell/NNPC National University Scholarship

Offered to undergraduate applicants only, the Shell/ NNPC National University Scholarship makes available yearly payments to winners of this scholarship from their second year to when they graduate.

Shell Secondary School Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship is given to secondary school students in host communities of shell. Such communities are found in states such as Akwaibom, Abia, Rivers, Edo, and Imo.

Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships

This is offered to tertiary institution students in their first year. It is sub-divided into National Merit Award and Host Country Merit Award.

Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate National Scholarship Program

This scholarship is given to Nigerian students in their first or second year in the university. Students from all states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory are eligible.

Nigeria LNG Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship award includes the paying of a fixed amount of money to students on scholarship. It is offered to Nigerian students in their first or second year in the university.

Total Nigeria National Merit Scholarship Program

This covers undergraduate and post –graduate students. It is an award that occurs annually

Addax /NNPC National Tertiary Institutions Merit Scholarship Program

This scholarship is given to both students of universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. It is only for students in their hundred level as at the time of application.

NWAG Nigeria Scholarship for Female Nigerians

This scholarship is worth ₦50,000 and is offered by the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia. It is given to female Nigerian undergraduate.

MTN Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship

Included in this award are school fees, monthly stipends and book allowances. It is offered to university undergraduates, students of polytechnic and colleges of education.

MTN Foundation/ Muson Music Scholarship Awards

This scholarship includes in its offer tuition fees, book allowance and monthly allowance. It is offered for diploma courses at the MUSON School of music Lagos.

MUSTE Scholarship

MUSTE stands for Mankind United to Support Total Education. It usually includes tuition and maintenance allowance.

Merry Hearts Scholarship for Pre-University Students

This scholarship aims at providing under-privileged students that are not yet in the university with the financial and moral backing they need to be successful in their academics.

Young Women’s Scholarship Program

This scholarship is open to only females. Only female Nigerian students in universities in Washington DC are qualified for this scholarship.

Globacom GBAM Scholarships

The globacom gbam scholarship is available to both secondary school students and students of tertiary institutions. Citizens of Nigeria that recharge at least 500 monthly are eligible for this scholarship.

American University of Nigeria Scholarship

All Nigerian students with bright academic potentials are qualified for this scholarship.

Nigerian Girls Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is very effective in the north. It aims at encouraging the education of the Nigerian girl child.

Caleb University Scholarship for Lagos Indigenes

Indigenes of Lagos that also double as students of Caleb University are eligible for this scholarship scheme.

University of Sheffield Undergraduate Scholarship

Nigerian students with rare academic qualities who are studying in the University of Sheffield are usually recipients of this scholarship.

Common Wealth Scholarship

Students from developing Commonwealth nations are offered this scholarship to study at both undergraduate and post –graduate level.

Kaplan International College Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship is both for undergraduate and post graduate students. Kaplan scholarship scheme partners with universities in the UK.

Google Anita Borg Scholarship for Female Students

The aim of this scholarship is to encourage women to do well in the area of technology. It is offered by Google to women from Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Griffith International Scholarship

Griffith scholarship is worth $3000. It is offered to Africans that are resident in Africa but intend to study in Griffith University.

University of East Anglia Science Foundation Scholarships

Valued at 13,400, this scholarship applies to everyone except citizens of Europe

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship in Nigeria

The aim of this scholarship is to develop young leaders. It is available to Africans and offers the opportunity to either study in Covenant and Landmark University.

ABC Transport Scholarship

ABC Transport scholarship is worth 100,000 and is for students of tertiary institutions in their first year.

Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship

This scholarship scheme is open to Nigerian undergraduates and is worth ₦100,000

BAT Iseyin Agronomy9BATIA)

BATIA is offered to all undergraduates of Nigerian origin in any Nigerian university.

Academic Excellence Scholarship at the University of Lincoln in UK

The University of Lincoln is open to applications for scholarship awards from students from all over the world. Nigerian students are included

Pauline Graham Scholarship for African Women

African women that are interested in getting a degree from London School of Economics and Political Science are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

African Young Water and Sanitation Professionals (Scholarships in West Africa)

This is more favorable to female applicants. It provides water and sanitation professionals with the opportunity to carry out research in West Africa.

BEA Awards for Nigerians to Study Abroad

BEA awards is open to undergraduate and post graduate students. It is offered to Nigerians that intend to study abroad.

Post Graduate Scholarships for Students of Sub-Saharan Countries at Addis-Ababa University

Addis –Ababa University is responsible for awarding this scholarship. Usually, it is offered to MSc students from sub-Saharan Africa.

Macquire University Africa Development Scholarship

This scholarship is open to African undergraduate and post-graduate students

Full Bright African Research Scholarship Program (ARSP)

This scholarship scheme is available to Nigerians resident in the United States. It is usually sponsored by the US government.

Faculty of Science Post Graduate Scholarship

The faculty of science post graduate scholarship is usually offered to Nigerians living in the UK.

Total/ Quay d’Orsay Scholarship

This is of French origin. It is scholarship is offered to Nigerian students with exceptional academic qualities. It is given to them to enable them pursue post graduate programs in France

MSC Scholarship for Future Health Leaders

This is offered by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It is a postgraduate scholarship.

Denmark Government Scholarship for Non-European Students

This is offered by the Danish government to non-Europeans

Turkey Graduate Scholarships for International Students

This is of Turkish origin, recipients include Nigerians and students from other parts of the world.

With adequate knowledge of the available scholarships, financially weak students stand the chance of getting quality education from reputable institutions.

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