Nigeria Certainly Not in A Good Place At All – Ezekwesili

Former education minister, Obiageli Ezekwsili has said the people in government need to accept that the country is certainly not in a good place at all”.

Ezekwesili, who is the co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) Advocacy Group has warned that Nigeria is edging closer to collapse and the leaders must act to prevent that from happening.

Speaking on Sunday Politics, a programed produced by Channels TV, Ezekwesili reiterated her comment on the country describing it as a fragile one.

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“Initially, I kept saying that we were a fragile country. Now, we are fast-heading towards the threshold where you have a state collapse and we can’t stand watching while that happens.

According to her, the signs captured in the definition of state collapse are now present in the country.

She further explained that the signs involves looking at the security situation, the economy, social cohesion and political stability.

“When these four things are in the negative then you are fast-heading towards what is known as state collapse. Everything seems to have fallen apart. We practically have no institutions that are standing in their credibility at this time.”

On how the situation can be reversed, the former Vice President of the World Bank said those in government need to accept the signs.

“I think it is critical for people in government to accept that the country is certainly not in a good place at all,” she said.

“That ownership of your situation is an important and critical step towards solving a problem. If the government pretends that all is well with Nigeria, then it shows how absolutely isolated from the issues and challenges of the people that they lead.”

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If such a step is taken, she then expects the President and the leadership at the National Assembly to come together to convene “a state of the union conversation”, which she said would have to be a very honest one about “what we do with Nigeria”, she said, stressing that “Nigeria is not in a good place at all”.


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