Nigerian Army Set to Build Cattle Ranches Nationwide, Soldiers to Learn Cattle Rearing in Argentina

The Nigerian Army has revealed plans to set up cattle ranches accross the length and breadth of the nation, while some of her soldiers will be sent to Argentina to acquire training on Cattle rearing. 

Speaking on behalf of the chief of Army staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, Chief of Army Logistics, Major General Patrick Akem, made this known on Tuesday at the Commissioning of Mogadishu Cantonment New Mammy Market in Abuja.

General Buratai disclosed that, cattle ranches will be set up in a manner such that in every division and brigade their will be a large scale rearing of livestock, most especially cattle.

General Buratai stressed that the army, will try to keep to the trend in cattle rearing and hence she would send some of her officers to Argentina to learn how cattle were being reared in the South American nation.

“Argentina has a population of 41 million people, but it feeds about 400 million people around the world with its beef.”

“To take it to the next level, we want to adopt a system where the cattle are not just free ranging coming from Sokoto to Port Harcourt, thereby making their meat tough to eat, the products will soon be coming from our own farms and ranches,” Buratai said.

The army general also revealed that a Barrack investment initiative has been created to provide Army families members the opportunity of generating revenue by cultivating vegetable gardens, producing fruits, rearing chicken, fish and other livestock.

According to Buratai, the Nigerian army’s grand plan was not just to keep the country secure but also to help generate internal revenue and by extension help in improving the economy of the nation.

 “We want to tell our wives that they can live beyond the salaries of their husbands, so we are trying to empower the women in the barracks to be able to form co-operatives, so as to access loans and to a large extent be able to fend for themselves and their families, even without the salaries of their husbands. Said Buratai.

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