Nigerian Police responds to the issue of redeployment of senior officers

– The Nigerian Police Force NPF has responded to the issue of redeployed senior officers ahead of the 2019 General Election

– The Police disclosed it would remain apolitical and professional 

According to a latest report, the Nigerian Police Force has responded to the issue of redeployment of senior officers.

Prior to this report, the NPF had redeployed some of it senior official which some reports had alleged to be moves to rig the forthcoming general election in favour of the ruling party.

However, the Nigerian Police in a new statement has made it known that the redeployment of senior officers was based on merit and available vacancy.

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The NPF added that the redeployment has nothing to do with politics.

According to the statement released by the Police Force, it read, “We are not politicians, the recent posting/redeployment of Senior officers is based on merit, available vacancy and without any form of political colouration. Lots of our senior officers retired recently and during election we redeploy to bring in fresh hands.”

The Nigerian Police disclosed that it will remain apolitical and professional in the course of carrying out it duties and responsibilities.
It further disclosed that allegations of being partisan are expected during a period of heightened politics that the country is currently in but the police disclosed it would focus and not allow itself be caught up in any political controversy.
The statement read, “We are aware of our duties, roles & responsibilities in an election as spelt out in the constitution, Police Act & the Electoral Act. Allegations of being partisan are not unexpected since we are in a period of heightened politics but we will remain focused and not allow ourselves to be caught up in any web of political controversy. We will be professional, non-partisan and politically neutral.”

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