Okowa urges Fathers to spend more Time at Home

– Delta State Gov., Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has urged Fathers to spend more time at home

– The Governor made this known during his Fathers’ Day celebration. Speech at St. Peter’s Anglican Church

Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has sent his Fathers Day message to Fathers as he spoke on their roles in the home.

The Governor urged fathers to spend more time at home, he urged them to reflect the roles of fathers by building good homes which would affect the society positively.

Gov. Okowa also called on parents to instill discipline in their children as it would reflect in their behavior in the society.

He made this known after the Fathers Celebration at St. Peter’s Anglican Church at Boji Boji Owa, Ika North East area of Delta State.

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Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in his statement said, “as we celebrate Father’s Day, we need to reflect on the roles of fathers; fathers are in positions to build better homes because, with good homes, our society will be better.”

“Parents should instil discipline in their children, because the society that we have is a reflection of the type of homes we have; respectful children, children who obey the norms of the society are desired at this point in our nation’s history.”

He also took time to congratulate fathers who are being celebrated today worldwide.

Gov. Okowa added, “I congratulate all fathers as they celebrate and I appeal to them to spend more time at home; they should know about what goes on in their homes, make corrections because, well organised homes will lead to better organised society.”

The report made it known that the Governor was in attendance at the event alongside his wife, Dame Edith.

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