Osinbajo writes wife a personal message as she celebrates birthday

The acting president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo took to his twitter account to write a personal message for his wife Oludolapo as she celebrates her birthday today.

Going by his words which are emotional and psychological teasing, one will not hesitate to deduce the fact that our able Acting president cares so much about his wife. Osinbajo, who not only knows judicial proceedings and state management but equally has a first class in relationship matters, praised his wife beyond measures.

These were his exact words; “my gift from God, watching over me, my support, at my side, my wings, my wife. Happy Birthday Oludolapo. You are my treasure.”

The informative poetic rendition of his literary piece speaks again his love for his family at large. Literary, to be ones wings means to be ones angel and to be ones angel means to be ones protector, which thus was putative in Osinbajo’s lyric as he opined his wife to be his gift from God, who watches over him, supports him, be by his side, turns to be his wings and perhaps his completed missing ribs.

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