Over Cow-leg, Man Stabs Friend to Death in Asaba

A butcher has killed his colleague over a disagreement on who goes home with a cow leg from an abattoir – the incident happened at the popular Abraka Market in Asaba.

34-year-old Akin Sahid a father of two from Kwara State met his untimely death at the hand of his friend and colleague over a disagreement on who buys a cow leg from a customer at an abattoir – this sad incident happened yesterday in, Delta State.

The accused murderer, Mr. Aladi Abiodun, also a native of Kwara State, had angrily stabbed his friend over a minor disagreement for something as trivial as dead meat.

Mr. Aladi (the accused) had set out on a trip with his friend, Akin Sahid who also works as a butcher at Ogbe-Ilo Market in downtown Asaba. They had embarked on the trip as a result of the scarcity of cow-meat at the nearby abattoir in Ogbe-Ilo – the journey was just a few kilometers away.

Trouble started when both friends arrived at the abattoir and started arguing over which of the pair should pay for the controversial cow leg AKA marching ground. The argument became heated as both men came to blows, before engaging in a violent scuffle.

An eyewitness said, that as both men fought, the deceased (Akin), suddenly froze and fell to the floor with a thud, while bleeding profusely. When onlookers came closer, it was discovered that he had been stabbed with a dagger. Akin gave up the ghost before he could get any first aid.

Colleagues who spoke on the incident said they were shocked at the incident considering that both men had been close business partners for a long time, without having any notable quarrel.

Sympathizers who trooped in large numbers to the late Akin’s shop at Ogbe-Osowe, wailed bitterly over the death of the young man. One of his customers, who simply identified himself as Mr. Lanco, described the deceased as a good meat seller, who always gives his customers a fair deal.

He said amidst tears: “I’m still confused over the death of our brother. I don’t know what came over them. The two of them are brothers from Kwara State. Akin usually sells meat for me even when I don’t have money.”

Spokesman for the Delta State police command, Mr. Andrew Aniamaka, confirmed that the police have arrested the suspect and have also commenced investigations. The body of the late butcher has since returned been deposited at the mortuary of the Federal Medical Centre, Asaba.

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