Pimp Couple Accused Of Robbing Girls After Inviting Them For Hookup Offers in Lagos

—- A Facebook user has called out a couple who lure girls with hookup offers in Lagos and then rob them.

—- According to her, they tell girls to come for hookups with White men at Eko Hotel. Meanwhile, it’s a scam to rob them.

Akinlayo Roseline, a Facebook user has called out a couple who she claimed are thieves and 419.

According to her post on Facebook, they pretend they have hookup offers worth 100k for girls. They invite them over and after the male have sex with them in the name of “testing” if they are good in bed. They are robbed.

She revealed that her friend was a victim and posted the pictures of the accused online alongside their Facebook names.

The girl goes by Pearl Letty and the guy Dammy King Gostfinger.

See her post below:

Lemme drop this here…this two are thieves, scammer, 419…this girl will make a call and tell you that u should come to eko hotel for a parol that they are white guys,that the payment is 100k pay one day,it’s a lie oo.its happen to my best friend…

“She will call u and tell u to come to apapa for a test whether u good on bed or not and is that guy will do d test, that he will bring u to eko hotel if u are good,so after the sex with u,he will say he will take u to eko hotel d next day which he bring out a gun the next day to threaten u to drop phone,ATM card with pin,any money with u…

“He collected everything from my friend…. they are robber be careful guys,I will tag any blogger so that it will go viral”

See Photos:

Pimp couple accused of robbing girls
Pimp couple accused of robbing girls



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