Princess Shyngle says she’s actually a man!

Princess Shyngle, @princessshngle on instagram, is a Ghana-based Gambian actress and Instagram model well known for her crazy hour-glass figure and thin waistline which she achieved by removing 5 of her ribs.

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In addition to her controversial figure, Princess Shyngle is always in the news for controversial statements.

Sometime ago, the actress and model stated that having sex on the first date doesn’t make one cheap. She went on to say that it is nothing more than a relationship interview and that if you get called back, that means you got the job.

In another controversy feat of Princess Shyngle, she said 99.9% of the men she has dated couldn’t satisfy her sexually!

Just as always, the Ghanaian-based Gambian actress and Instagram sensation, has hit another controversy jackpot, she claimed she is actually a man!

Read her instagram post below:



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