Real Madrid Highest Goal Scorers of All Time

As far as European competitions are concerned, Real Madrid is one club to be feared. The club is the most successful in Europe having won the European Cup (UEFA equivalent) 5 consecutive times. In recent times, the Los Blancos have won it twice back to back. this was during the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 seasons. This is a huge achievement, especially in modern day football. They are currently underway to winning the trophy for the third consecutive time. These are Real Madrid Highest Scorers of All Time, starting from the top we have;

Cristiano Ronaldo – 447 Goals, 432 Appearances

CR7 is arguably the best footballer in the world as at this moment. He, however, is definitely the best goal scorer of this era. He’s stats attest to it, he’s the only player in a really long while whose goals are more than his appearances. Even his arch-rival, Messi cannot boast of this fact. The Portuguese man is a Five-Time Ballon d’Or winner, this record he shares with Messi. He’s not only top on Real Madrid’s highest Goal scorer list, he’s also the highest goal scorer for Portugal. Ronaldo is a living legend, and he hasn’t slowed down in his scoring even as he approaches his mid-thirties. C.Ronaldo holds the highest record for the most goals scored in a season for Real Madrid. He also holds the record for the most UEFA goals, he was the first the reach 100 UEFA goals. We just have to stop here otherwise this article will only be about Ororo Ronaldo.

Raul Gonzalez – 323 Goals, 741 Appearances

Raul Gonzalez is a Real Madrid legend, he was a fine player in his own right, until CR7 came and smashed his records. Raul was the first player to hit 50 UEFA Champions League goals. One record which Ronaldo can’t break is that of his appearance. Raul has 741 appearances in the 18 years he spent at Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The striker has 102 caps for the Spanish national team, very few players have played so many matches for Spain. The history of Real Madrid and the Spanish national football team won’t be complete without naming this man, Raul Gonzalez. Some of his accolades include 6 Laliga, 3 European cups and 4 Spanish Super cups, just to mention a few.

Alfredo Di Stefano – 308 Goals, 396 Appearances

Di Stefano is a Spanish legend, and a Real Madrid legend. It was he who guided the Los Blancos to a record five European cup titles consecutively, in ten years he helped Real Madrid win 8 LaLiga trophies. If this man is not legendary well, I don’t know who is. This was in the 50’s when Real Madrid worked like a German machine. So Di Stefano was instrumental to Real Madrid being the most successful club in UEFA competitions. Alfredo Di Stefano was a striker, powerful, speedy and with great vision, however, he could play anywhere on the pitch. Although born an Argentine, he played for Spain when he lived in Madrid and is no 6 on La Liga top goal scorers list. Di Stefano left Real Madrid in 1964, after spending 11 years at the club. He still holds the record for being Madrid’s highest goal scorer in El Classico.

Carlos Santillana – 209 Goal, 645 Appearances

Coming in at number 4 on our list of Real Madrid’s highest goal scorers is Carlos Santillana. He has been regarded as one of the best strikers to grace Real Madrid with his presence. Some that stood the Spaniard out was his jump power, he was a beast in the air and this skill helped Madrid win trophies. He joined Real Madrid in 1971 at the age of 19 from the lower division club Racing Santander. After joining Real Madrid he never went anywhere else. Carlos Santillana won 9 La Liga titles in his stay in Madrid, 2 UEFA cup, 4Spanishh cup and 1 league cup. By the time Santillana was retiring in 1988, he was second on Real Madrid Highest goal scorers of all time list.

 Ferenc Puskas – 208 Goals, 262 Appearances

Puskas has one of the least appearances on this list. The fact that he scored 208 goals in 262 matches shows he was indeed a potent striker. He had a strike rate of 0.92 goals per match. Only C.Ronaldo amongst Real Madrid highest goal scorers has a better strike rate at 1.03. The galloping major was a striker from Hungary, where he scored 83 goals in 82 matches. The very special thing about him was that he joined Madrid at the age of 31, in 1958, he was overweight already, but it didn’t stop him from quickly establishing himself as a powerhouse goal scorer. His speed and agility which he once had, had left him at this time, but his powerful left foot and his ball intelligence will stay with him until he retired in 1966. Puskas died both a Hungary legend in 2006, he also has a stadium there named after him.

Hugo Sanchez – 208 Goals, 282 Appearances

One special thing about Sanchez, he was a one-touch specialist. In one season, all his goals came from just one touch, from either foot, and they were 38 goals that season, this was the 88/99 season. Neither Ronaldo nor Messi can equal this one-touch record, let them try. The Mexican was a goal poacher like no other, and he won the Pichichi Award 5 times along with De Stefano and Quini. The Numero Uno poacher left Real Madrid in 1992 after struggling with an injury with limited his goal scoring.

Karim Benzema – 189 Goals, 403 Appearances

Benzema joined Real Madrid in 2009, just the same year Ronaldo joined Los Blancos. However, goal-wise, these two players are worlds apart. Benzema is just on 189 goals as against C.Ronaldo’s 447 goals. This season 2017/2018 hasn’t been very good for Benzema, he has scored only 9 goals in all competitions this season. Benzema is a striker, a centre-forward actually, he also plays for the French national team. There are rumours the 30-year-old may be on his way out of Real Madrid. There are still a few matches to go, and hopefully, the French man will end his goal drought.

Francisco Gento – 182 Goals, 601 Appearances

He was called the Storm of Cantabrian, perhaps due to his speed both with and without the ball. Francisco Gento holds the record for having won 6 European Cups, none has equalled that record till this day. The Spaniard was a left winger, was great with crosses. He had terrific speed, was a good dribbler and could even score when he played from the midfield. In the 18 seasons Gento spent at Real Madrid, he won 12 La Liga titles, 6 European cups, 2Spanish cups just to mention a few. Gento was honoured with the title of the honorary president of the club in 2016.

Pirri – 172 Goals, 561 Appearances

Jose Martinez Sanchez aka Pirri is a Spanish retired footballer who played for Real Madrid. He played as a midfielder, a central back and sometimes he even played as a forward, Pirri was truly a versatile player. Pirri has been known to play important matches with injuries. This showed the extent of this importance to the Los Blancos at that time. In 1971 he played the European cup final with his arm in a sling, and four years later he will play the Copa Del Rey final with a broken jaw and fever. Really, coming to think of it, how did they let that happen? Pirri won 10 La Liga titles with Real Madrid, and after leaving Madrid, he studied to become a health professional and later joined the medical team at the club.

Emilio Butragueno – 171 Goals, 463 Appearances

Emilio Butragueno with blue eyes and blond hair was a really good looking chap. He was easy going too, both on and off the pitch. He didn’t have the brute strength which was revered those days in football, instead, he had a pretty way of playing, so easy going and sublime that the brutish defenders had no answers for. Ironically though he was called the Vulture, and was the leader of the Quinta del Buitre (the vulture squadron). The Vulture almost signed for Athletico Madrid, but due to his father’s influence, he was able to get a place at Real Madrid who had prior to then overlooked him. It was all worth it in the end as he made his Real Madrid senior team debut in grand style. Rousing the team from a 2-0 deficit by halftime to a 3-2 win by full time, with him scoring a brace and an assist for the second goal. The striker also played for the Spanish national team. He left Madrid in 1995 and played for a Mexican club. Emilion is regarded as a true gentleman by Madrid fans, he served as director of sports at the club and then vice president after his retirement from football.

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