Seyi Law Apologizes To Wife For Starting Divorce Rumours

Celebrities must have a hard time keeping their lives private with the media trying to pounce on every information about what’s supposed to be their private life.

Seyi Law must have had enough of this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – oh well, an expression for nonsense – excesses of bloggers and journalists and the comedian decided to bait a few of such with fake news about the divorce of he and his wife who have been married for about eight years.

Seyi Law wrote: “FAKE NEWS spread faster than wildfire. Due to irreconcilable differences would have been enough to announce this, but the kind and beautiful heart of my ex-wife must be stated. She is one of the best women I have ever known. It is however sad, that I announce that my wife and I have decided to part ways for good. We will appreciate your love and support at this time. God bless you. Tiwaoluwa is safe and good”

So many were quick to report this with the news about the Seyi’s divorce spreading like wild fire. They definitely took the bait with several fans sending encouraging words to him and his wife and expressing their hurts about the news.

However, the comedian has come out once again to apologize for what he described as an expensive joke. His wife didn’t seem to be pleased with such expensive joke forcing the comedian to tender an apology to his wife and the general public.

He wrote: “I need to apologize to my wife who found the joke highly embarrassing and way out of line. Thanks for bearing my excesses. You are beautiful, kind and definitely the best of your type. God bless you abundantly. I appreciate you always. May God never give us a reason to part ways, but PATH many ways for the future generations to thread.”

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