“Sleeping With 27 Men Has Cost Me Huge Deals” – OAP Kamene Goro

Kenyan media personality, Kamene Goro revealed that disclosing her body counts cost her a lot of deals.

Apart from losing deals, she said she went through a lot of backlash for discussing that topic with her colleague Andrew Kibe.

“It was one of the worst periods of my life. Not that I regret what I said, but the backlash was huge. A lot of corporates dropped me and even my employer at the time (NRG radio) put me on an ice block. It was terible just for sharing a honest fact” Kamene told True Love September’s edition.

Speaking about the patriarchal situation of the society and if the reaction would have been the same if a man made the revelation, Kamene said;

“Every condom company would have run to him for endorsements. As a woman they expect you to lie when it comes to sexual partners. The guy I was dating at the time told me that I should have reduced the number to three or four,” she added.

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