The Official JAMB Admission Letter for Nigerian Higher Institutions

The official JAMB Admission letter confirms that a candidate has been offered provisional admission into a Nigerian Higher Institution. Usually to study any degree course. As a result, JAMB candidates have a lot of questions on how to get this document. So this page provides all the answers on how to get and use your official JAMB admission letter.

What is JAMB Admission letter

An admission letter is used by JAMB to inform a prospective student that he or she has passed the admission process of a higher institution.

Usually, candidates get information  about  the school they were offered admission. In addition they get information on  the faculty or college and department. As well as the degree they are pursuing and the duration of the course.

All UTME and DE candidates offered admission into Nigeria Higher Instituions are expected to check their admission status online. Also, they should print their admission letter on the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) portal.

Importance of the JAMB Admission Letter

The JAMB admission letter is especially important. First, it is the official evidence that shows that a candidate was offered admission into an higher institution in Nigeria.
Furthermore, the JAMB admission letter is issued by JAMB alone. And so it is the sole most aunthentic proof of admission into a Nigerian Higher Instituion.  As JAMB remains the only official Educational board in Nigeria for Tertiary Institutions.

How to use the official JAMB admission letter for all years

a. First, you will need your JAMB admission letter to complete the admission registration of your instituion. As well as the clearance process.
b. Secondly, you will be deployed for National Youth Service Programme NYSC after completing your degree or HND. And the JAMB admission letter is essential for your deployment into the NYSC.

c. Because most organisation offering scholarship demand an admission letter. You need your official JAMB admission letter to apply for such scholarship.

d. Finally,  you need an evidence of admission into a higher institution to further your education. Usually, your JAMB admission letter will serve this purpose.

Note: The JAMB admission letter is not just a document. As it is very important and crucial. Hence, ensure you print and safeguard it.

How to get the Official JAMB Admission Letter

This page provides a comprehensive guide of how to get your JAMB admission letter. Also, it shows you how to print and make use of the JAMB admission letter without any help.

First, you need to check your JAMB admission status on the JAMB portal.
This will help confirm your admission into an institution.

Immediately you confirm your admission status and its positive, you should accept it. Then you can go ahead with further actions on your admission letter.

In order to print your JAMB admission letter, you need to check and confirm your admission status.

Guidelines on how  to check your JAMB Admission Status

a. Log in to the the JAMB portal.
Or  sign up by creating an account if you dont already have one. Click on “Create an Account” on the portal home page.
b. Next, log on to the JAMB efacility. You can follow this link – JAMB  Admission Status eFacility.
c. After that, enter your the Examination Year.
As well as JAMB registration number.
d. Finally click on the  “Check Admission Status” button. As this will reveal your admission status.
Once you have been offered admission and you like the institution, you should accept the offer.

Note: If you have not been offered admission, then do not accept status. As this will truncate your chances of getting an admission. Simply log out and check later

Print your Official JAMB Admission Letter

Candidates who have been offered admission will be able to get their admissiin letter.
Follow the steps below to get and print your JAMB admission letter.

Step 1:  First log in to the JAMB official portal or create an account if you do not already have one Click here to login to the JAMB portal.
Step 2. Next, log on to the JAMB Admission Letter eFacility.
Step 3. Then, in the list provided, select your Examination year.
Step 4: Next,  fill in  your JAMB registration number.
Step 5:  Select the option  “Send Admission Letter as Mail”.
It is very important to select the ‘send as mail’ option. As this will avail you the opportunity to print a copy of your admission letter from your mail as you please.
Step 5 : Finally, make payment for your JAMB admission letter. Once you pay, you will receive a mail notification of the letter.

Important Note: Provide a valid email address and contact details when you are creating an account on the portal. As this will prevent your admission letter going to a wrong email.

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