Things You Should Know About Making Money Online

People seek to make money online for different reasons; to leave a horrible job or boss, earn extra income or become financially independent. For me, wanting to make money online wasn’t just about becoming financially independent it was about being rich…that’s right, I’m one of those dreamers.

I set out to make money online believing that I would be a millionaire in a few months without so much stress. Boy, was I wrong! For the first few weeks I was so excited and thrilled about the idea of making money online fast. I browsed ways to make money online till my hands and eyes hurt. However, there was always a catch with all the methods I tried. They either did not deliver what they promised or they required some ridiculous registration fee.

During the later weeks, I was sinking into a web-money-desperation. I started to carelessly input my credit card numbers to pay the ridiculous fees, I filled in my email address and password so many times without even knowing what I was registering for. I kept going round this viscous circle, till I fell ill. During my recovery time, all I asked myself was “where could I have gone wrong”… after all I did know people who were raking in thousands of dollars from their online jobs. I analysed every step I took and finally found the missing link! The next step I took will change my life forever.

I started raking in the money a while later and all I could think of was “…if some had told me about these things before I tried to make money online, I would have succeeded a lot faster without so much stress”. Now  I’m slowly but surely raking in the cash so I thought to myself. “why not save a lot of people the heartache of manoeuvring the online business world?”…hence this post was born. For all those out there looking to make money online, here are a few things you should know:

  • First is that there is really isn’t a quick and easy way to get rich online, ignore adverts that say so.
  • “Click here to make $1,000 dollars every week, no experience needed!” do you really believe that?
  • You should have what I term the ‘web-sense’; it’s simply applying online, the same common sense that applies in the real world.
  • Never give out your account or credit card number except to trusted service providers or your account could be wiped clean if you do.
  • Making money online takes a lot of hard work and patience at the beginning, yeah…might even be harder than your regular job.
  • Like wine, your online jobs get better with age
  • There are so many ways to make money online but you’re most likely to succeed in what you’re passionate about, I know it’s a cliché, but find your passion and grow it.
  • Give it a year, yes you need cash immediately; everybody online does too! That doesn’t mean it’ll happen.
  • These are not rules and don’t forget successful e-cash earners took a risk or two!

What’s next? Well it’s time to start earning online, keep up with updates as I show you proven ways to make money online… for real.

Have you got any online money making experiences to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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