Top 10 Awesome WordPress Themes for 2019

In the 11 years or so that WordPress has been in our faces, it has grown to become one of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) in the words. Over 74 million websites run on WordPress, these includes some of the big names such as Ebay, New York times and CNN.

Most WordPress websites are powered by robust and impressive themes. WordPress themes are one of the major reasons why we just love WordPress, they are really a treat.

Choosing a WordPress theme usually proves too much of a dilemma to many start-up bloggers and even businesses. The vast array of choices usually mesmerizes many into getting confused about which theme to fly with.

Before you choose a WordPress theme, there are few things you should consider, these are:

  • Cost: The amount of free WordPress themes out there are enough make you bump your head in confusion. But like we say in pidgin parlance ‘Awoof dey run belle!’, simply put: you can only get so much for free. Most of the free themes are not search engine friendly, the are rigid and difficult to manipulate and they come with zero tech support. So unless you’re quite proficient in WordPress, try to avoid the freebies for now.

Premium themes are a sharp contrast to this but they still have a few issues. You have to consider this before choosing a theme. Don’t just hand out your money, check out the theme and be satisfied. One time payment is not adviced, you might get zero tech support after that.

  • Responsiveness: Some themes many look attractive and cool but they might end up slowing your website, this ultimately drives the search engines away. Some of these themes are also not compatible with various screen sizes, especially mobile. Your website will be useless if mobile visitors can’t view it; so ensure you use a theme that can adjust itself to fit into mobile device screens.

A great tool for checking how responsive your website theme is on mobile, is the Google ‘Mobile Friendly Test’ page (just google it) you can then copy the URL link to your preferred theme and paste on the search box provided by Google. Google does the rest. Knowing if a theme is responsive and mobile friendly can help you make your decision faster.

  • Reviews and ratings: The importance of reviews cannot be overemphasized. What are previous users saying about the theme or its developers? What is the theme rating? Information like this are not difficult to locate, they are usually found below the download theme button. Reviews and ratings are usually found on themes being sold on third party websites. That’s were you should be looking. Reviews can help you narrow down your choices.
  • Support for plugins: Before I go any further, I must tell you that ‘too many cooks spoils the broth’ but you already know this right? So also do plugins; having so many plugins installed on your website could end up slowing your website. However, plugins are great tools which could help you negotiate many bottlenecks. This is why you need them (only the necessary ones though).

So ensure that you can change or add new plugins to whatever theme you decide to go for.

  • Graphical Interface: The interface of your website, speaks volumes about your website, themes that are a bit eye-catching are not bad per se, But be careful, choosing a theme that is loaded with animation and flash but is unresponsive and slows down your website is a no-brainer, I rather go for the simple ones with cool features.
  • Tailored to your needs: I don’t need to say much about this, do I? Your preferred theme should be one that sits well with your content. It’s not rocket science! Any theme that doesn’t fit in to what your website offers then you shouldn’t even look at it twice.

Making a list of the top 10 WordPress themes would be useless if you don’t have an idea of how to choose a WordPress theme. I’ve showed you what to look out for in a theme, now it’s time to show you some of the best WordPress themes you can find.

Check out these top 10 WordPress themes, they’re really cool.

PS: All themes can themes can be found on

Top 4 themes for blogs


1. Karma theme

The Karma WordPress theme is one awesome theme you should totally check out if you are looking to start a WordPress blog. The Karma theme is not a free theme, though. It is search engine optimized due to it’s responsiveness, mobile friendliness and fast loading. You don’t need to be a genius to work with this theme. Find it on themeforest.

2. Modernize theme

The Modernize theme is one theme worthy of mention. It comes with a host of features that you can’t just ignore in a WP theme. The Modernize theme is quite popular in the theme market because of its unique features such as page builder etc. Search for this theme on themeforest and you’ll be glad you did. This theme isn’t free. It costs north of $50 and comes with constant tech support.

3. inFocus Theme

Nicknamed Mysitemyway, this theme is an innovative masterpiece in the WordPress theme world. The theme comes loaded with features such as over 30 easy to use skins, custom widgets. Contact Form Builder, Built-in About Author Box, 8 Slider Staging Effects etc. The inFocus theme cost $49, a small price to pay for the dedicated support you’ll get after purchase.

4. The Dandelion premium WordPress theme

This is another premium WordPress theme that checks all the right boxes for a robust WordPress blog. If you’re looking for some quality, here’s one. The Dandelion is one flexible theme which comes with a responsive SEO friendly design. The features of this theme are endless. I doubt if there’s any way that this theme won’t meet your need. Just like most premium themes, it also comes with a 6-month tech support after purchase.

Top 3 themes for E-commerce

Online Shopping

1. The Stormer –Hipster Apparel Ecommerce Theme

For some of our guys looking to create an E-commerce website, search for this theme and install it on your WordPress, you’ll thank me later. It’s responsive and search engine optimized. It’s an easy to use framework although you would only get standby tech support if you buy the premium version.

2. Jewelry -E-commerce theme

The work done on the jewelry theme is simply breathtaking. The theme is responsive SEO friendly and definitely checks all the boxes for a great theme. This theme costs $22 and comes with a 6-month tech support.

3. Simplicity – E-commerce Responsive WordPress Theme

The simplicity theme draws the curtains on the top 3 e-commerce themes for WordPress. This theme also checks all the boxes for a great theme. The theme is simple and easy to manipulate and also comes with a 6-month tech support which can be extended to 12 months. Pricing for this theme is $49.

Top 3 themes for Businesses


1. Invetex -Business theme

Looking for a theme for your business website? Look no further. The invetex theme was created for businesses who are looking to make the big shift into the cyberspace. The theme developers assures customers that this theme is responsive and that they will provide a 6-month tech support after purchase. The invetex theme cost $59. It has already been purchased over 1000times on themeforest.

2. Dotted -Business & Corporate HTML Template

This theme is well designed and is designed with HTML-5. The theme is responsive and is built on the Bootstrap Framework. It also comes with a 12 PSD files included for free as well as 7 homepage templates. It is mobile friendly and Search engine optimized. My main catch is the 6-month tech support after purchase you’ll be offered.

3. Vella Business – Modern Business Theme

Here’s my pick of the bunch. The Vella business WordPress theme is a well designed WordPress theme which comes with a lot of cool features such as page builder, short code generator, over a thousand fontello fonts, multiple color skins etc. The theme is search engine optimized (loads fast), responsive and mobile friendly. It comes with a constant 6-month tech support. It is not a cheap theme though.

There you have it! There are millions of other themes out there for you to chose from. So I’m not compelling you to be stuck on this list. From the criteria I listed at the top of this article you can narrow down your choice and make a great decision for your website.

Kindly share your suggestions in the comment section!

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  • July 24, 2017 at 6:22 am

    I liked the themes you shared.
    Thank you for helping us. I have found one more that is Biznetic. It has very amazing features like Front-end property submission and edit, Advanced search, Google Maps integration, Advanced Properties filter etc.


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