Top 10 Cheap Websites to Buy Books From Nigeria

Knowledge they say is power and one great source from which you can acquire knowledge is books.  As book lovers we know that buying books sometimes can be very expensive; this is where we come in!

We bring you a list of 10 cheap websites for books; not only for soft copies, but some of these shops also sell hard copies. If you are looking for affordable websites to buy books online, be sure you read through.

Thrift Books

They sell cheap books and with over 7 million books in their store, you have an endless array to choose from. They stock everything from sci-fi to romance to self help to text books. Thrift books sell used books at very cheap prices, a lot of them classics which are out of print. They sell high quality used books, some for as low as $3. They offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. with orders of over $10.  Visit them at


Amazon is an e-commerce company, they are regarded by many as the largest online store in the world, and they are also the most popular. Amazon is a cheap website for books; they can also ship it to you in any part of the world, this is in case you buy a hard copy. Amazon has a good reputation already, so if you buy digital books, you can be sure it’s from the right source and it is genuine.  Visit to make orders


eBay is an e-commerce company, with headquarters in the United States. On ebay you can buy and sell almost anything. The company itself sells and individuals also sell, that’s the beauty of e-bay. These include books both hardcopy and soft copy. ebay is reputed as a place to get really good deal sfor stuff. So if you want to buy a book for a good price ebay is a good place to check. To learn more visit

If you love books, you can’t help but love this online book store. With over 2 million book volumes, Powell’s is considered the largest bookstore in the world. This affordable bookstore sells both used and new books side by side, all hardcopies. The business started in the 70’s and it’s been managed now by a third generation family member. The store is so successful that it has become Portland’s highest attraction. Perhaps the next time you are in Portland, Oregon, you’d pay them a visit.  If you want a cheap website for books you can visit . is a cheap website for books; it is a subsidiary of e-bay. Basically all that is handled on this site is sales and purchases of intellectual properties, both digital and hard copy. Just like the e-bay business model, customers sell and buy on Just like everything that has to do with e-bay the books come at give away prices. Learn more at

Better World Books

Having raised over $24million to fund literacy and library, this chain of bookstores has lived up to its name.  With over 8million new and used titles there’s no end to what books you can buy here, at great prices too. They offer free shipment to every part of the world.  You can donate books to this store, and help improve literacy world over. Check them out at


Their motor is “Give books away. Get books you want”. This is more of a book exchange site, just like a ponzi scheme, you give your books away and someone gives his books “away” to you. There’s no central collecting system.  You pledge to donate certain books, someone makes a request for your books and then you mail it at your expense. You receive points which you them use to request for books. So basically books at bookmooch are free. Learn more at

PaperBack Swap

It is exactly what it says it is, this is not a cheap website for books, rather it is a forum where people exchange books in various formats. Pledge the book(s) you’ll like to swap, when there is a request you mail it at your cost. After sending a book you can also make a request from a choice of over 3million books, you’ll receive it at no extra cost. To participate visit


This is an online book store, a cheap website for books. Here you can buy University text books at cheap prices or rent them at even cheaper prices. Usually the books are rented for a period of time, usually one semester and at the end the book is returned.  Bookrenter has over 5million titles, so many books to choose from.

The Strand

Strand Books is a cheap website for books; they have in stock some of the most recent best sellers, all in hardcopy. The strand brick and mortar store has 18miles of books, a marathon race is 26.2 miles and no one has done it under 2 hours.  This is to paint a picture for you of the quantity of books at The Strand. They also help new authors sell their books, if you are interested in buying or selling visit the strand at

Because we always go the extra mile here is another cheap website for books


Here is another cheap website to buy books; Skyo. This is not your regular online book store. They don’t sell fiction or self help books, all they sell are text books. Visit their site at there you’ll find available titles, all university text books.  You’ll find both new and used books, all at very cheap prices.

With these sites you’ll never be lost on where to get books for your peculiar needs. From swapping to renting to buying these sites cover your all your book needs. Many of them offer shipping services to different parts of the world. Visit their websites buy books and read yourself to stupor, you’ll be glad you did.

Are there any great sites we’re missing out? Let us know in the comments!



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