Top 10 Cheap Websites to Buy Electronics From Nigeria

When buying electronics nothing beats the feel of the gadget in your hands. You know how difficult it is to contain your excitement as the staff at the shop turns on the device and the light shines on your face. It is not the same when you buy from cheap electronics store online.

However, there is the up side to visiting cheap websites to buy electronics, apart from the convenience, you get to save money.  There are actually some crazy deals you’ll get online, that you might not get, even at the offline site of that same store. If you are looking to save money, cheap online stores are the best places to go.

These are the top 10 cheap websites to buy electronics from:


Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese company, with local and international presence. They are an e-commerce company and they are to China what Amazon is to the U.S.  They deal in retail items from electronics to toys and everything in between. They sell at cheap prices and they help do a lot of export from China to the rest of the world.With Alibaba you can make very large orders on products ranging from power banks to laptops e.t.c. They offer free shipping to any part of the world if you order up to a certain number of items.  Free shipping to Nigeria takes about 3 weeks.  Learn more at


This is a one stop shop, they offer over 100,000,000 different products, and (how is that even possible!). Aliexpress is owned by Alibaba Group and it services majorly foreign buyers. Aliexpress is one of the cheap online shops. They’ll free ship phones; they’ll free ship laptops and other electronics to any part of the world, as long as it’s up to a certain quantity. If you are looking to save money on electronics, Aliexpress is a good place to start. The website to visit is, you’ll learn more.

MadeinChina is the operating website for Focus Technology Co Ltd. They are a top player in the electronics business in China. Focus Technology has helps connect consumers outside China to producers in China (especially small and medium scale). Not only is MadeinChina a cheap website to buy electronics, you can also buy them in large quantities at reduced price. Visit to learn more.


With over 20million products, is a very large online wholesale trading platform.  They deal in all sorts of electronics from gaming to surveillance to tactical wristwatches, they’ve got it all. All their suppliers are Chinese manufacturers, so you get them for very cheap.  If you love novel electronics, then is the right place to search for it.


They are an e-commerce centre, known for being one of the cheap online stores where people can get great discount for electronics. They seem to love electronics here, because they offer free shipping for power banks, phone accessories and many other electronics.  They offer free shipping to the US, the UK and other parts of the world. Learn more at


Ipmart is an e-commerce store specializes in the retailing of electronic gadgets like tabs, phones, cameras e.t.c. Ipmart is based in Malaysia, they do free shipping to Nigeria and other parts of the world.  Visit them at www.ipmart


This is no doubt an online home of electronics, but they don’t sell your everyday electronics. If you love James Bond you’ll probably love this site. They sell “James Bondish” kind of stuff, they sell spy and only spy stuff.  They have hidden spy audio devices, glasses cameras, key cameras, hidden cameras and other cool spying gadgets.  Learn more at


This is the Holy Grail for gadget freaks; they have a lot of cool electronic gadgets. Novel electronic gadgets you don’t get anywhere can be gotten here. They also sell your everyday electronics. Everything sold here is extremely cheap as the name implies. If you want to buy cheap phones and cheap cool TV and other electronics, DX is the place to check. Learn more at


With the name already, you have an idea of what they sell. Geekbuying is a cheap online store, they stock majorly electronics. They also retail other products, but they are reputed for having great deals on electronics, mobile devices especially, check out the deals on


Gearbest is an e-commerce store, reputed for stocking high quality electronic products.  They stock gadgets like Smart wristwatches to other wearable smart jewellery.  They stock cool electronics, if you love cool gadgets, you’ll love this website. Learn more at

These are the top websites for electronics, they sell at very cheap prices and a lot of them offer free shipping to the UK and other parts of the world. All of them except one is based in China, this explains why they are cheap. Most of what they sell is made in China, and the companies sell at the factory price having eliminated all the middlemen. From your everyday electronics to the outright eccentric, these sites have them in stock and at great prices too.


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