Top 10 Inventions by Nigerians You Didn’t Know About

Generally, when we talk about an invention, we refer to a novel creation, a new process of doing something. Positive and novel inventions are always welcome because they produce great breakthrough and make life easier one way or the other.

Everything man-made was and still is a result of an invention. So it’s safe to say that inventions make the man-made world go round. Over the years, great inventors have been recognized in history for coming up with astounding inventions which have revolutionized our world. Some of these inventions were achieved by Nigerians and we bet you are not aware of some, if not most, of them.

Here are 10 inventions by Nigerians you might not know about:

 1. Emergency Blood Auto Transfusion System

Red blood cell

Think about this great invention and how many lives that have and could still be saved using this inventive system. The Emergency Blood Auto Transfusion System is a low-cost blood transfusion system which has the ability to recover blood from a patient’s internal bleeding organs and then re-infuses the blood back into the patient’s blood system, thereby preventing blood loss.

This system has been designed to transfuse blood in a safe and non-infectious manner. It also works without electricity. We could go on and on about this system but let’s go ahead and introduce the inventor; he is none other than Dr. Otu Oviemo Ovadje (Rtd.). Worthy of mention is the fact that the inventor is a Brigadier General in the Nigerian army.

2. Counter Collision Gadget (CCG)

This invention is another unique and novel one. The Counter Collision Gadget is a device that has the capability of preventing a collision in locomotive vehicles, either on land, air or at sea. Developing a device that has been designed to prevent air, land, rail and sea accidents brought great accolades for the inventor, a Nigerian physicist from Edo state named Brino Gilbert.

So if see a car that can stop on its own accord to prevent an accident -that could be the work of a Nigerian.

3. INYE-1 & 2 Tablet Computer

The next time you see a tablet with the name “INYE”; bear in mind that it was invented by a Nigerian. The Inye tablet was designed to run on the android operating system. The Inye 1 & 2 tablet computers were among the first tablet computers to be launched in the African market especially here in Nigeria.

The tablet was invented by Saheed Adepoju in 2010. His tablet is a 7-inch resistive touch tablet which has Wi-Fi and an inbuilt SIM.

4. First Solid Fuel Rocket

space shuttle

A Nigerian came up with the idea of creating a rocket which could run on solid fuel. At such a young age (26), Shehu Saleh Balami invented and launched a solid-fuel rocket at the new Kaduna Millennium City Road in Kaduna State in 2008. He is a graduate of Mechanical engineering at the Federal University of technology Minna, Niger State.

5. Method of making electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chips

Like we said earlier, an invention does not necessarily have to be a new machine or device. A new and improved method of solving a problem also passes as an invention, that is exactly what Mr. Cyprian Emeka Uzoh came up with. He developed a novel method of making electroplated interconnection structures on integrated circuit chips.

Mr. Uzoh is a celebrated Computer scientist with over 160 inventions patented under his name. IBM uses his galvanoplasty technology as the main method of cabling devices using electric fields and metal mods to polish metals with low pressures.

6. Microchip used in minimally invasive surgical robots

In this invention, the microchip was designed and embedded in robots which were used in performing minimally invasive surgeries. The microchip had the ability to store information and it is also able to control the surgical robot.

This microchip was invented by Engr. Ndubuisi Ekekwe. That invention has given the Nigerian engineer many accolades, awards, and international recognition.

7. Method for tackling drug-resistant infections


As medical science continues to evolve, one of the major challenges that faces researchers is, coming up with a means of treating infection/diseases which are resistant to drugs. Yemi Adesokan made an innovative research into the subject; the result was him coming up with an invention on a method by which drug-resistant infections can be treated.

His invention has already been put to use, especially in Africa were numerous infections and diseases are poorly managed. It is believed that Adesokan’s invention is capable of putting an end to the problem of drug-resistant infections in the world if properly employed.

8. Pleasant-tasting aqueous liquid composition of a bitter-tasting drug

So as not to bore you with the chemical mumbo-jumbo, what was done in this invention was to find a way of making bitter-tasting drugs into liquid and pleasant-tasting drugs. A lot of people find difficulty in swallowing solid drugs (tablets), while others complain of the overly bitter taste of some drugs.

Aloysius Anaebonam, a Nigerian, was able to come up with an aqueous liquid composition which comprises a pharmaceutically effective amount of a bitter-tasting drug that is dissolved or dispersed in an aqueous medium that is free of ethanol. This aqueous liquid has a pleasant taste when orally administered, although it has the same effect of the bitter-tasting drug.

9. First microchip processors to support TLS

In another groundbreaking invention, a Nigerian was able to create the first microchip processors which support thread-level speculation. His invention was acquired by Sun Microsystem and is actively being used today in Sun Microsystem’s throughput computing technology.

10. Fastest Computer

mother board

Ever heard of the world’s fastest and most efficient computer? It was actually invented by a Nigerian, by name, Dr. Philip Emeagwali. Dr. Emeagwali carefully studied the efficient ways in which bees communicate and build honeycombs and decided to create a computer that could work  that way.

The result was that he successfully combined 65,000 processors to invent the world’s fastest the computer, which performs computations at 3.1 billion calculations per second. Today, Dr. Philip Emeagwali’s invention is applied in weather forecasting supercomputers as well as computers which can predict global warming.

If you are as dazed as we are at these accomplishments by Nigerians, then I bet yo are thinking of the next big invention to show the world. Hang in there until your invention sees the light of day; the world can hardly wait!

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