Top 10 Most Controversial Politicians in Nigeria

Politics in its nature is highly controversial with a lot of intrigues, deceit, counter-statements, denial, confrontations and a whole lot. Nigeria as a democracy is not lacking in politicians who in themselves represent controversy in so many ways. In this piece we would be bringing you such people who have dotted the Nigerian political space with controversies for some time now.

#1 Femi Fani-Kayode

A former aviation minister in the Obasanjo administration and the son of a former premier of the Western region in the 1960s. Started out a PDP member when he was appointed as a special to President Obasanjo and later joined the APC when it was formed and just before the Presidential elections he went back to the PDP. His controversies can be seen on twitter where he seems to be active and ready to let it out on anyone who dares challenges him the way he doesn’t like. He is also good at writing articles that get published in various media outlets also raising some controversial issues. In one of his controversies on twitter, he made a statement about him sleeping with the wife of Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu and about Igbos in Lagos and guess what, the Igbos came for him and he had to tender an apology.

#2 Nasir El-Rufai

He is the incumbent governor of Kaduna State and has been involved in controversies involving his political views and style of leadership. A dogmatic and charismatic leader, Mallam El-Rufai is one man that if you are to judge his based on his physical stature you will never rate him correctly. His foray into national issues was during his time at the Bureau of Public Procurement and as the FCT minister where he created so many enemies that wished him and his family death. He is known to have spearheaded the demolition of houses that violated the Abuja masterplan and also for banning motorbikes in the capital city of Abuja. Many of the decisions he made then are being enjoyed by the same people who castigated him. In recent times as governor, he is also championing a bill to regulate religious preaching and activities in Kaduna state as a way of checkmating fanatics and those who are out to mislead people. That also created some heat especially among the Christian community.

#3 Ayo Peter Fayose

An interesting man to listen to seeing that some of his statements can sound Trump-like in nature and he is also known as a grass root governor who defeated an incumbent because of his closeness to the people. After winning the state gubernatorial election and during the run-up to the main general elections, he wasn’t missing in the whole political equation. He always had something to say, whether taking a swipe at the APC or at the President while he was a Presidential candidate. He once said that Buhari was too old to be President and can be likened to his grandmother in the village. He also published a political advert listing how northern heads of states have died in office as a way of saying that President Buhari might be the next. On another occasion, in his sojourn in China (while President Buhari was there) he took a picture that was said to be a meeting with Chinese investors and that got a lot of criticism because it didn’t look like an investor’s meeting let alone a business one.

#4 Adams Oshiomhole

The outgoing governor of Edo State who has been knowing for making statements especially during the Jonathan administration and the then finance minster, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been mentioned in some of his swipes. His outburst is always targeted towards the way monies were being spent and this he did without minding whose ox is gored. Asides political statements, he also verbally attacked a widow in his home state and the whole of young people on twitter came on him and he had no choice but to fix a date with the woman while giving her some money to help her business. Adams Oshiomhole has been in the national and political news long before he officially became a politician. As a labour leader, a President Obasanjo always had it hot because a ventful Oshio baba will not rest until their demands are met.

#5 Muhammadu Buhari

The most popular person in Nigeria right now in year 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria. His controversies didn’t start today but way back as a Presidential candidate in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 when he eventually ascended the throne of Nigeria. Issues on the top of his list include Islamic fanatism, plans to Islamize Nigeria, Boko Haram sponsorship, educational background (SSCE ceritificate), his travels as President, his statements  and more recently the state of the Nigerian economy under his watch. As much as he has demonstrated his desire to uplift Nigeria by fighting every form corruption, Nigerians are more concerned about their economic and financial welfare. His government has been conservative with spending money too.

#6 Rauf Aregbesola

Another outspoken and action governor but this time in the area of his policies, ideologies and the state of the economy in his home state of Osun. He is known to have championed an educational transformation in his state that one would think a second Awo has risen from the Yoruba stock. A passionate leader who though working for his people but the economic issue of owing salaries seems to have gotten a better part of his government. He was also criticized for trying to impose the use of Hijab in the schools.

#7 Rotimi Amaechi

Now this is one man that history will long remember for so many things one of which is the downfall of PDP and the emergence of the APC which he was involved all the way. His travails in politics began when he was almost denied the mandate of being the governor of Rivers State after spending time as Speaker of the House. He was also involved in some brawl with the former first family of Nigeria, the Jonathans that one wondered where the strength of his came from but looking back one can say the man has many lovers and friends than enemies. In the Nigerian Governors’ Forum which he chaired, he also proved that he is not only a people’s governor but a politician’s politician. Most of the governors then were behind him even those that were not in his party.

#8 Nyesom Wike

The former minister and present governor who many have come to regard as a hooligan which can be seen in the way he walks, talks, gesticulates and style of governance. He has been involved in a serious brawl with his former boss Rotimi Amaechi whom he served as Chief of Staff in his (Amaechi) first tenure as governor. And in 2015 also he through his strength and those of the government at the centre and the influence of Goodluck Jonathan being from the South-South defeated the APC in Rivers State (which was an APC state under Rotimi Amaechi). The man has energy to be around in politics for some time.

#9 Olusegun Obasanjo

He is seen as one who wants to be at the centre of everything and has been a major player in the socio-political history of Nigeria. You can say that Nigeria and public service has been good to him and he has played his part in building this African giant. He didn’t start speaking against governments in power today even though he too has been in power. He is good at writing letters to those he thinks needs talking to especially when they have refused to take heed in private conversations and meetings. President Jonathan had a share of him and President Buhari is receiving his in private, no one knows in he will receive letters that will be published publicly.

#10 Lai Mohammed

A really controversial former publicity secretary of the APC who later ascended to be the present Information, Culture and Tourism Minister of Nigeria. He was good at being in the opposition against the Peoples Democratic Party and now as Information minister he is not doing bad at all. A comic picture was taking of him speaking through different microphones and a caption that he can tell different lies through those microphones. Funny right? This is so because he always has something to say and I think that is what makes him a master politician and publicist. His defense might not agree with all but definitely he will give you a reason to think and rethink what he said.


One thought on “Top 10 Most Controversial Politicians in Nigeria

  • November 3, 2017 at 10:06 am

    # this are some other controversial men in nigeria that their name wasnt mention;
    dino melaye
    murtala nyako
    alimadu sherif
    rabiu kwankwaso and others


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