Top 10 Most Economical Cars in Nigeria

Truly being a car owner in Nigeria isn’t just about buying one, although quite a number of people are yet to realize this. There is more to buying a car than the initial payment for the car and insurance fees. The proper maintenance of a car should be put into consideration when making plans of buying a car.

The ability to properly maintain a particular brand of car is more often than not the separating factor between individuals that do not have the same financial status.

When considering how economical a car is, two major factors are considered. They are: cost of fueling the car, and the cost of car parts.

Cost of Fueling the Car

The cheaper it is to fuel a car, the easier it will be to maintain the car.

The Cost of Car Parts

In the course of using a car, some parts are bound to get worn out. The availability of car spare parts therefore becomes a major factor that affects how economical the car is.

Using the cost of fueling a car and the cost of car parts as a yardstick for judgement, I have come up with the 10 most economical cars in Nigeria.

From the least economical to the most economical, they are;

Honda Civic

Honda civic is one of the most used Honda cars at the moment. It was introduced to the market in July, 1972. honda civicAlthough, recent models of Honda civic have four doors, it was originally introduced with two doors.

Honda civic is very trustworthy in addition to being fuel efficient. These attributes have earned it a solid spot on the list of 10 most economical cars in Nigeria. As a result of Honda civic’s low fuel consumption, it has become a regular car among the middle class in Nigeria.

Honda Accord

This car is a sedan and is manufactured by a Japanese company. The accord is one of Honda’s most successful brands. It was first manufactured in 1976 and is unarguably the most popular Honda product in Nigeria. Over time, Honda accord has released a series of models and they cut across different social and financial classes.

The accord is considered a strong contender with Toyota Camry for the spot of the most used car in Nigeria.

Toyota Rav4

Quite unknown by a number of users of this car, RAV 4 means Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive. Although it is expected that all RAV4 cars are 4-wheel drive, these is not the case. Toyota Rav 4 was first introduced in 1994.This car is manufactured perfectly for family use and is the only SUV that makes this list. Toyota RAV4 IS known for its comfort. This SUV is very fuel efficient and dependable.

Kia Óptima

Kia carsKia Optima is an average sized car made by Kia Motors. It is manufactured by a Korea company and had its first model manufactured in 2000. Since then, several models of it have been manufactured with a 2017 model also on the list. This car is 7th on the list of most economical cars in Nigeria. With an average amount of N 250,000 spent on maintenance annually, this car is one of the most economical cars in Nigeria. This simply means it can be maintained by low income earners.

Toyota Yaris

This car comes in both the hatch back and sedan styles. It is quite a small car when compared to other cars manufactured by Toyota. Toyota Yaris is one of the most expensive Toyota cars to maintain. In spite of this, it still makes the list of most economical cars in Nigeria. It had its first model released in 1999 and an average of N240, 000 is spent on the maintenance of Toyota Yaris annually.

Nissan Versa

The Nissan brand appears to be a brand that shoves luxury down the drains when manufacturing cars. This slightly explains why Nissan cars are economical. Nissan Versa is the 5th most economical car in Nigeria. All things being equal, an owner of a Nissan Versa is most likely going to spend N230, 000 on maintenance of this car annually.

Toyota Corolla

Manufactured by a Japanese firm, Toyota corolla is one of Toyota’s highest selling cars. This car is very efficient and easy to maintain. Toyota corolla made its first market appearance in 1966. It became the best-selling car in 1974.

It cost N225, 000 just to maintain this car annually.
toyota cars

Toyota Tacoma

It is quite amazing that Toyota Tacoma was able to make the list of the top ten most economical cars in Nigeria. This is because it is a truck and is expected to have a high rate of fuel consumption. Unlike some other Toyota cars, Toyota is manufactured in the United States and was first introduced into the market in 1995.

This four-wheel drive vehicle does not cost much to maintain. With a yearly budget of N225, 000, Toyota Tacoma can be effectively maintained.

Toyota Camry

This is considered one of Toyota’s most successful cars in Nigeria as well as Toyota’s most economical automobile product. It is the go-to car for every Nigerian. Apart from being a very fuel efficient car, the Camry has its parts available any time they are needed. This simply means it can always be fixed without the owner spending so much.

Toyota Camry can be maintained with an average of N200, 202 annually.

Hyundai Sonata

This is a very affordable car. It is manufactured by a South-Korean company and was first manufactured in 1985. This car is a blend of Mitsubishi and Hyundai technology. It is one of the most fuel efficient cars in Nigeria at the moment.

It is remarkable to know that absolutely all the cars on this list are manufactured by Asian companies. This simply mean if you want to enjoy the benefits of an economical car, you just might have to buy an Asian product. Now that you know that the cheapest car in the Nigerian market is not necessarily the most economical, you can make better choices when buying a car.



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