Top 10 Paypal Alternatives

PayPal platform is similar payment and other transactions that are done through the banks, internet banking, mobile transfers and more. There’s probably no internet transaction that you want to do today that wouldn’t have PayPal as one of the options listed. It is a household name for making payments worldwide in most nations.

However over time, other alternatives have come up that has made PayPal have the demerits of using PayPal very obvious and before we proceed let’s review some of the disadvantages of PayPal to make you want another platform;

  • Fees: Even though various platforms charge differently and based on different transactions, PayPal however is known for high fees.
  • Holding Payments: They are known for holding payments and putting them under review with no reason.
  • They don’t support some countries like Iraq, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, etc.
  • There are country-based restrictions on the use of PayPal.

These listed reasons are why more alternatives are coming up and people are also making use of them. Here are some great alternatives to PayPal;

Google Wallet

This is a new way of sending and receiving money online with just a single tap sometimes. You can also make payments online with it. However, it is only available in the United States as of now. The platform can also be used to store credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty rewards and used to pay friends and family or making purchases online.

All these are stored in a digital wallet. Money can be sent using Gmail address or Gmail attachments and money can be funded using Wallet balance, bank accounts, credit/debit cards. The pros include; single debit card not many, security monitoring 24/7, Google advantage and tight integration with Google account. The cons for Google Wallet include; the less acceptance compared to PayPal and the only US availability. The platform is free but to send money to your wallet using your debit cards, you are charged a fee.


This is a typical alternative for PayPal and it used to be Moneybookers and it is used to send and receive money and also shop online. Users can send money to others using an email ID, which can be withdrawn with debit cards or bank accounts.

Skrill is impressive because it allows instant withdrawal from recipient’s bank account. The merchant’s fees are low and it is globally acceptable. Some of the Pros include; can be used in over 200 countries and in about 40 currencies; wide acceptance, low fees, and their MasterCard allows one to spend the money in their account in real life.


This is the best option for professionals, freelancers, affiliate marketers who desire to get money from other countries. The platform can be used to receive money globally. Users can also receive payment in different ways; through global transfers, debit card, bank deposits and one can also share money to other Payoneer users. Some of the Pros include; widely accepted, used in over 200 countries and can be used in more than 100 currencies. Con is that their credit card rate is high. However, I personally use Payoneer to receive money here in Nigeria especially since Nigeria isn’t usually listed on most payment platforms.


This is the rebrand of the payment platform AlertPay and has almost the same user interface like PayPal. It can be used for money exchanges, online transfers, smartphone functionality and bank accounts integration. It has a wide coverage like PayPal spanning about 190 countries. Incoming funds are charged a 2.5% fee. It can also allow credit cards and other payment solutions, mass pay feature for paying large number of people like employees and contractors. Invoicing is free and multiple businesses can be managed from one account too.


This is considered as another option to accept payment from your customers. For easy acceptance of payment, stripe is the closest alternative to PayPal. Stripe accepts different cards; MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and JCB. It can also process around 100 currencies. You should be in these countries to receive payments from Stripe; Canada, UK, Australia, United States, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Pros include; simple to set up using plugins, integrated mobile systems, and payment can be sent from any country. Con is that it is acceptable in only about 19 countries for now.


This is another platform that can be used to send and receive money on the internet. With it one can send money to LinkedIn contacts, Twitter followers, email addresses, phone numbers and businesses that use Dwolla. It also has feature known as MassPay that enables one to make over one thousand payments at once. They were known for trading bitcoin currencies until October 2013 when it stopped. Pros are; free to use and low transaction fee, can be used on Android and IOS, no risky of identity theft since you use phone numbers and email addresses, and easier methods of clearing payments. Cons are; low acceptance, no credit or debit cards adding, and transferring money to bank accounts takes 2-3 days.


This is another payment alternative for small businesses and merchants. It is also a great way to way accept payment from customers. Selz is also very suitable for bloggers and websites owners who wish to sell digital products on their sites. If you have a WordPress blog you can install their plugin to start using it. One is also able to transfer money to bank accounts or PayPal. Some of its Pros include; easy to use interface, supports 190 countries and good for sale of digital products. However, it is not in available in such countries like; Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Nigeria and those that support PayPal.


This is a payment platform that allows users to sign up for free and start sending money to friends and families. You can send money to people in the countries that are serviced by Neteller. Transfer charges vary based on the variation between the sending currency and the receiving one.


This is yet another service that offers payment platforms for individuals and businesses. You can send money and purchase online, it allows multi-wallets and currencies, supports major currencies, many depositing and withdrawal options and you can also link OKPAY card to your bank account.


This is a global e-wallet platform that is based in Montreal, Canada. With it you can send money to users with just an email address. With Paxum users can also send bulk payments to suppliers, affiliates, clients and employees.


This is an electronic wallet that helps you make and accept payments. With it one can convert crytocurrencies like bitcoin. These conversions of currency can be done using VISA, MasterCard, Perfect Money, EGO Pay, Bitcoin and Wire Transfer. It offers you various options to be able to fund your wallet and also withdraw from it.

There area several other payment platform springing up online but we’ve listed these based on popular demand. These PayPal payment alternatives are great if you have issues with PayPal. With these payment systems, you can receive and send payment from anywhere in the world. If you think there’s an online payment system that should be on this list, do let us know in the comments section!

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