Top 10 Ridiculous Things Nigerians Do at the Cinema

The cinema lifestyle is fast returning at a fast pace after its decline in the 1990s. Cinemas like Silverbird, Ozone, and Genesis Deluxe around Nigeria, are witnessing an appreciable level of attendance.

While many have rediscovered the joy of watching movies on large screen, there are some others who have discovered how to be hell-bent on ensuring they don’t enjoy the optimum cinema experience.

Here are some of the ridiculous things some Nigerians do at the cinema.

10. The Good Commentator

Horror Film

There are a set of people who run movie commentaries at the cinema. They often narrate every scene and can’t their emotions under wraps. They always have something to say about the movie. They don’t just say it, they say it out loud.

9. They Talk on their Phone

Their phone rings every second and they pick it whenever it rings. Even though there’s a clear sign at the cinema that a phone should be switched off, these people will still go ahead and convert the cinema to a phone call hub, distracting other people as a result.

8. The Selfie Takers

These set of people are addicted to selfies as they cannot do without snapping pictures even in at the cinema. It is either you take your pictures before or after the movie as not everyone will be happy with the ridiculous distraction.

7. The Cinema Baby Boomers

Crying Baby

You sure wouldn’t like it if you are in the same hall with a crying baby. Yeah I know everyone wants to have fun but I still wonder why mothers bring their babies to the cinema.

After all, at some point during the movie, the baby will inescapably brawl its lungs out, and they’ll have no choice but to focus on attending to the baby. At moments like this, the cinema occupants who looked forward to having fun either ignore the noise (with lots of grumbling) or leave the cinema.

6. The Guy Who Laughs Last

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… ha, ha, ha…coughs… ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha ha…” Really?

This set of people make it their duty to laugh better than the Joker. A comic scene is shown and everyone in the cinema hall laughs and the laughter fades out. However for some reason, their laughter begins where the majority ends. They may be laughing last but their laughter makes them look ridiculous…like they’re trying hard to understand the movie.

Ha, ha, ha…

5. They Put their Feet up on the Seat in Front

Some people make sure they milk every available and sometimes unavailable space for comfort. Imagine the soles of two shoes on top of someone’s head. It makes the person sitting on that chair look like a poor bunny rabbit with dirty ears!

Oga, please putting up your feet on someone’s chair is bad manners. I know your container just landed and that your brother just won local government chairman elections, please chill. After all, there are several ogas at the top.

4. Talking to the Screen


I acknowledge that there are times we get carried away with a movie, but there should also be limits especially when there are some people around you. Kindly pocket your exclamations, excitement and warnings since it won’t change the action in the movie nor can the actors hear you. So if you get too excited, find a way to contain your excitement instead of talking to the screen.

3. Minutes before the Movie Ends, They Get Up

Lack of patience has robbed some Nigerians of the full value of what they paid for. Some movies come with added movie footage after the credits, for instance Thor, Fast Five, The Avengers comes with an added movie footage and it wouldn’t hurt to sit for another 3 minutes just to be sure you haven’t missed a sneak preview into any possible sequels. Besides by standing up that early, you obstructs other people’s viewing pleasure especially if you make no attempt to crouch while passing in front of others.

2. The Food Smugglers

These people smuggle all kinds of food to the cinema. You will see someone eating rice, puff-puff, watermelon in the cinema hall. E remain to bring foo-foo and ogbono!

Worst of all is that sometimes, these people chew loudly, distracting other people in the process. They end up littering the whole place before they leave.

1. They Make Out in the Cinema

Making out pics

Not just Nigerians, probably the whole world is guilty of this one. You would always see that couple in the cinema hall, that think they’re invisible and people can’t see them making out. Please save the public display of affection till after the movie or go home. It’s distracting!

Some of us are guilty of some or even all of the above cinema habits. However, for the sake of other people’s sensitivities could we just behave well or even pretend to long enough for us to see the end of the movie?

Got any thoughts on ridiculous cinema habits? Why not share in the comments section!

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