Top 15 Free Shipping Cheap Online Shops to Buy From Nigeria

We live in a world where the only language we understand is speed and convenience, and online shopping has afforded us the exact opportunity. No need to spend the whole day walking around shops. Only to find out that what you want is not in stock.  Who wants the hassle of carrying heavy bags and queuing at the checkout counter after purchases?

The attraction of buying online is that you can get mouth watering deals from cheap online stores. But not all our favourite online stores are in our countries of residence. This could pose a problem in delivery, as the delivery cost may cost more than the product in an offline shop.

This is where we come to the rescue, with 15 free shipping websites to buy from and at cheap prices too. Some of these free shipping online stores have their conditions. For some you have to buy a certain quantity or have spent a certain amount of money or more. Some others don’t ship free outside certain regions. Moreover, most of these websites come with paid and free shipping options. Yap, yap, yap..,we just want free shipping! Alright…here you go!

Below are free shipping online shops in no particular order.


LightInThebox is a Chinese company founded in 2007 by 5 Chinese citizens. It’s an online retailing store, with major interests in small gadgets, apparel and home and garden.  They sell over a million different products and more are added each day. Free shipping by lightinthebox is only on about 5000 different products. Majority of them are portable electronics like mini Bluetooth keyboards, headphones e.t.c.  Shipping starts in 1 day. They give promo coupons that come with codes for discounted purchases and free shipping, although you have to spend up to a certain amount of money. Also they have free shipping days when new products are added to the free shipping items. And they ship to any part of the world, how long it takes to get there depends on the region of the world. They have ware houses in America, Europe and of course Asia.  Their websites are and

DealsExtreme is an online retail store with over 300,000 products, sold at extremely cheap prices, some for as low as 0.99$), no wonder the name. They have over 1 million customers, with local support in 8 countries. This free shipping online store majors in small electronic gadgets; this will include toys, flashlights, and lasers and of course phones. They really stock cool gadgets, for the gadget freak; here is a place to shop. Free shipping is available for orders over $20; they are shipped with registered airmail. They ship to all parts of the world. Their website is


They are an e-whole/retail store specializing in innovative gadgets, and portable electronics like phones and tabs and the likes of them. Dealsmachine is based in China. Free shipping takes 7 to 25 working days, all their products are shipped from China. This is a free shipping website you should visit at


SammyDress is an apparel online store. They sell male, female and kid wears, lingerie for women and gift items. They also sell shoes, bags hair, jewelleries and other clothing accessories. Sammy Couture sells at low prices, they also do wholesales, meaning store owners can also order and make profits. They have free shipping for dresses and few other products. Free shipping to USA and Canada are usually the fastest, it takes about 8-15 working days.  Free shipping to the UK and other European countries (excluding Russia) takes 10-20 working days. Free shipping to Nigeria and other parts of the world take up to 25 working days. Their website is


FocalPrice is a free shipping online store, they have over 50,000 made in China products, and their specialty is electronics. They also sell at very low prices, sometimes at up to 70% discount. FocalPrice ships to anywhere in the world for free. Get them at

Tmart is a free shipping website, they specialise in consumer electronics, car accessories, computer accessories and other electronic gadgets. They can all be purchased at discounted prices. They ship to every part of the world, free shipping takes longer time. is the website.


Dong Guan HoFan Cloud Network Electronic Commerce Ltd. Co is an e-retail company. They deal in electronics, car and computer accessories, mobile devices and other small electronic gadgets.  With over 100,000 products, available at their store, they offer customers an array of is the domain name of this company. They provide free shipping to all parts of the world, irrespective of how much or how little you have spent.


This is an online retail store; they deal in consumer electronics, computer hardware and software, phones and other electronic gadgets. They also offer wholesale prices when buying in bulk, and shop owners wanting even bigger bulk can bargain with them. This is one of the best free shipping online stores based on efficiency customer service; they sell at very cheap price and have good quality. TinyDeal offers free shipping for products which weight less than 2kg. Free shipping is done by airmail and it take between 7-25 working days to be delivered. Their website is

Miniinthebox is the other website for LightInTheBox. LightInTheBox has other websites in 26 languages.


This is a B2C online store based in China; they deal in a wide variety of merchandise. They are like a one stop shop as they stock electronic gadgets, clothing, jewelleries, home and garden products and every other thing in between. Their slogan is “saving is believing,” they keep to their word by offering low prices and free shipping on over 3000 products. They offer free shipping for phones and other electronic gadgets majorly. Their website is


Lightake is an e-commerce company, they specialise in selling of “cool gadgets”, toys, phone accessories, car accesories and other household electronics. They have a huge array of products giving customers various choices.  They offer free shipping services to all parts of the world except when the package is large, EMS will be used in that case. You can learn more about them at


HighQualityBuy is a Chinese online retail company; they got into the e-commerce business in 2008. They are mainly a fashion, gadget and home and garden retailing company. They offer free shipping on certain products. To enjoy this you’ll need to get the coupon code for that particular product. is the website for this company.


This is a global e-commercial company; they specialize in retailing almost everything. From gadgets to apparels to sports equipment, the list is endless. There free shipping offers are limited to certain products majorly electronics. Newfrog doesn’t offer free shipping to Nigeria, Italy and Vietnam; they can ship to every other part of the world. A coupon will be needed to enjoy the free shipping offer.  Learn more at


Chinabuye is one of the top free shipping online stores situated in China, but they are a global e-retail store. They have a wide array of products from apparels to electronics, computer accessories, jewelleries, toys and many more others. They are reputed for having very low prices and also they give a lot of bonuses and discount offers.  Make your orders at


They have products ranging from cell phones, clothing, jewellery and many other electronic gadgets. And all these are retailed online and can be delivered to any part of the world. Free shipping is available on certain products. Check them out on

These are a list of 15 free shipping websites with oh so very cheap products. Before buying you should make your research, because some of these free shipping online stores have very poor customer reviews. This is actually quite common when buying from Chinese free shipping websites. Of course you won’t see on their sites, it is said that some of them take down negative reviews. Just Google for that particular shop before you make your decision.



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