Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas With Little Capital

A lot more people are becoming passionate about starting their own business every year. While some are looking for a full time business to engage in, others are searching for side business to complement their 9-5 job. Whatever the case, the search for what business to engage in can be a very long and tiring one. It’s one thing to have a business idea, it’s another to source for funds to start it with.

Small Business Ideas in 2019

To make the search easier, provides you with a list of small and profitable businesses that anyone can start with little investment capital. Are you searching for a business idea to start in 2019? Or are you hoping to make money conveniently from your home? We will be providing you with seven very most lucrative small business ideas in 2019 that anyone can engage in. Let’s get started.

Top Small Businesses You Can Start With Little Capital

  1. Freelancing

There are a lot of opportunities for individuals on the internet as a freelancer. If you have a way with words, you can get freelance jobs that you can do from home and will give you enough cash on the side. Other freelancing jobs you can take include;

Graphic designing               – Editing

– Bookkeeping                       – Data Entry

– Typing                                  – Blog writing

Websites where you can register and get jobs as a freelancer include,, fiverr, hiresine and so on.  The best news about freelancing is that all you need apart from the skill is simply a laptop and an internet connection.

  1. Mini Importation business

Another business idea that does not require so much capital or excessive skill (asides marketing) is mini importation. Mini importation is fast gaining grounds in Nigeria and a lot of people are investing in the business. Mini importation involves buying foreign products online at very cheap prices and getting it shopped to Nigeria usually through an agent.

For as low as 20, 000 naira, you can start this lucrative business and get at least 50 percent returns.

There is a wide variety of products to import including;

–          Clothing and accessories                  – Shoes and Bags

–          Kitchen Items                                     – Jewellery

–          Phone accessories                

You can make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp to promote your business and reach a wider audience. Adding delivery services also gives you an advantage in the business.

Also, for the mini importation business, you do not necessarily need a physical shop. An online presence with good internet connection is enough to reach customers and transact.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media marketing is another online money making idea that requires little capital and brings great returns. With the widespread popularity of online businesses and the positive influence of social media on marketing, it has become pertinent for business and even high profile individuals to find help in managing their online presence so they can reach a wider market.

As a social media manager, you will be required to help your clients maintain their Facebook. , Twitter, LinkedIn and even blog presence.

Usually, for this job, you need to be versatile on the use of social media and you definitely need a strong internet connection and a functioning laptop.

Lucrative Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria 2019

  1. Car Washing Services

Away from the digital world, a very lucrative and profitable business idea that anyone can start in Nigeria with a moderate capital is a car wash. The car washing business is very lucrative especially if you reside in big cities like Lagos and Abuja where the cost of washing a car varies between N500 and N1, 500.

The secret to making more income in this area is simply to find a strategic point to locate your business and you could be washing at least 10 to 20 cars a day which is between N5, 00 to N10, 000. Within a few months, you would have recovered your capital.

  1. Sale of Home-made products

You can also sell home made products online as a form of small business with little capital. There are several products you can learn to make that does not require a lot of capital and can bring returns even from the comfort of your home. Examples of home-made products that are lucrative include;

–          Dishwashing Liquid                             – Washing Soap / Detergents

–          Toilet/Home Disinfectants                  -Body Cream/Soaps

With as low as N20, 000 you can learn these skills, make products to sell and even organise trainings for people at a cost.

  1. Home Food Delivery

For individuals who are good cooks and can make variety of food, then the home food delivery is a lucrative business idea. You do not require a lot of capital. Simply create an online profile and get people’s awareness. Then once a person orders for a particular kind of food and makes payment, you cook and deliver to them.

While some people prefer to specialise in soups particular to a tribe, others deal with all kinds of food. You can also grow from cooking for individuals to catering for small parties like bridal showers, birthday and so on.

  1. Dry cleaning

Finally, the dry cleaning business. This is available to anyone and everyone, both nine-fivers, stay at home moms, students and even graduates. A lot more people especially those who live in big cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja are employing the services of drycleaners due to the unavailability of time to do the chores

There a lot of people in the dry cleaning business but the problem with most existing drycleaners is reliability. So as a beginner, you can take advantage of this and use it to market yourself. When you do a good dry-cleaning job and keep to time, people will always come back and even refer people. This way, you can make yourself good money and grow the business.

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