Tottenham Vs Liverpool, Who Will Win?

One of the most debated topics is the Champions League final that will start in a few minutes time, the hopes and expectations of millions of football fans are quite high. Quite a number of football fans all over the globe have found their way to Madrid to witness this auspicious event life and direct while others will trust the screen of their Television set.

It is important to note that these two teams actually need this trophy like their life depends on it. If Liverpool wins tonight, they have broken the jinx of years of trophyless season.

Also in North London, only Chelsea has won the Champions League trophy, Arsenal and Tottenham have not been able to break the jinx.

Whether Tottenham will break the Champions league jinx or Liverpool will break the jinx of trophy-less years, that will be decided after the 90mins of the game.

Till then, let’s keep all hands on deck and watch carefully as the event unfolds.

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