Full List of Tribes in Ebonyi State Nigeria

Ebonyi state is one of the five states in the south-eastern region of Nigeria. It was created from Abia and Enugu states in 1996. Although Ebonyi state has a very small landmass, it land is very fertile, thus making it one of the highest food producing states in the southeast.

Igbo Tribe

The Igbo tribe in Ebonyi occupies the 13 local government areas in Ebonyi state. The Igbos in Ebonyi are slightly different from the Igbos of the other four Predominantly Igbo states in the southeast. There are quite a number of Igbo dialects that are spoken by the people of Ebonyi. The most popular dialects are Afikpo, Edda, Okposi, Onicha, Uburu and Izi-Ezza-Mgbo-Ikwo.

The Igbos of Ebonyi state are traders and big time farmers. They are the biggest producers of rice, yam, potatoes, beans, maize and cassava in Nigeria. People from the Igbo tribe have a Christian population of over 99.9%. Igbo men tie wrappers and singlet while their women tie George on blouse.

Just like other states in the south-east region of Nigeria, Ebonyi state is occupied only by the Igbos. To know more about the tribes in Nigeria, please subscribe to this blog.

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